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Most Powerful Side by Side UTV 2020 Reviews

Most Powerful Side by Side UTV for 2020 Reviews

There can be many categories for a UTV according to the taste and likes of people. Some people like the luxurious UTVs and some like the powerful UTVs. UTVs are seeking so much attention from people because of the evolution of technology. The market of UTVs has upgraded to the level where people get confused about their choice.

In this article, our editors have explained 5 of these Most Powerful Side by Side UTVs for 2020.

We know you want better suggestions to spend your money on a machine. If you spend your money on a machine that does not fulfill your expectations, then your money is wasted for you. People have been testing the UTVs in terms of performance and power.

The UTVs with 50 to 70 horsepower is not enough for people from the past few years. The manufacturers of UTV have realized that people want more power and facilities on their UTV. And because of their needs, people used to upgrade their UTVs by installing aftermarket performance equipment.

Most Powerful Side by Side UTV for 2020

People who use UTVs for playing, need more power and performance because they have some goals which they want to achieve on their UTV. They do drifts, and they take sharp turns very quickly. They crawl giant rocks on their UTV, and many more. People have strange and thrilling hobbies and driving an off-road is one of them.

So, the manufacturers have tried to achieve the needs of people regarding the power of the machine. We have seen the releases of some models of UTVs that have amazing performance and power that we could not expect from the factory. They have been so great at making heavy-duty UTVs that beginner drivers cannot even think of what more they can install on their UTV.

Most Powerful Side by Side UTV 2020 Features Engine Power
Can-Am Commander Limited Double A-arm suspension, differential locking, power steering, heavy-duty bumper, aluminum wheels 92 horsepower
Arctic Cat Havoc Double A-arm suspension, giant storage, EPS, towing ability, sports seats 100 horsepower
Maverick Sport X XC Differential locking ability, sports and eco mode, Fox suspension, Maxxis tires 100 horsepower
Polaris RZR XP 1000 Sports look, drive system modes, disk brakes, cargo systems, EPS, EFI 110 horsepower
Yamaha YXZ 1000R SS SE Pure sports, high-class chassis, special edition, disk brakes, Fox Shocks, liquid cooling technology 998cc engine

Can-Am Commander Limited

The Can-Am comes with a triple mode power steering, which is a dynamic category. It comes with a 976cc engine that can produce 92 horsepower. The UTV is equipped with a smart throttle control that operates the electronic fuel injection system for better fuel efficiency. The UTV is a powerful machine that is why it is named as commander.

The Can-Am commander comes with an automatic transmission that has five gear options, which are low, high, neutral, reverse, and park. The UTV has CVT technology for better performance. It also supports the differential locking system. You can easily select between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive with the help of Visco-Lok.

Let us take an overview of the suspension that is used in the UTV. The suspension that is used in this UTV at the front side is a double A-arm, which has 10-inches of travel in it. Whereas, the shocks that are used in the front are Fox 2.0 type piggyback Podium QS3. It also has an option to adjust the compression of the shocks as you require.

The rear suspension is an arm independent specialized torsional trailing having 10-inches of travel in it. The shocks in the rear shocks are also Fox 2.0 Podium and have an option to adjust the compression level of the springs. The brakes that are used in the Commander Limited are hydraulic disc brakes with a dual-piston caliper.

The electronics in the Commander Limited are very nice. It has a multifunctional analog and digital speedometer that shows the speed and RPM in analog, whereas other gauges like tachometer, odometer, fuel, gear position, modes of driving, indicators, and all other things are shown in a digital display.

The UTV comes with a winch that has a payload of 2,000 kilograms. The Can-Am Commander has a front bumper for protection if anyhow you hit any obstacle from the front. It comes with premium mudguards, half windshield and hard roof for more protection measures. Overall, the UTV serves the purpose of performance and power.

One of the most important things to discuss is the tires that come with the Can-Am Commander Limited. The tires that are used in the Can-Am Commander areMaxxis Bighorn 2.0. The wheels are of 14-inches circumference and are finished with aluminum. It is among the most powerful side-by-side UTV in 2020.

Let us now talk about the capacities of the Can-Am Commander Limited. The Can-Am Commander Limited has a ground clearance of 11-inches, which is a standard size for an average-sized performance UTV. It has a dry weight of 586 kilograms, which helps it to have more power and speed. The UTV has a good collection for storage purposes.

The UTVcontains glovebox and It can store 18 liters of fuel. It has a fuel tank of 39-liters. Commander UTV can tow up to a maximum load of 680 kilograms. The lightning performance of the UTV is extraordinary. The UTV also has an embedded security system to keep it safe from thieves.

The Can-Am Commander Limited comes with a 6-months warranty that can be extended up to 30-months as you require.

Arctic Cat Havoc, Most Powerful Side by Side UTV for 2020

We have special entry to our list of most powerful UTVs for 2020. The special and powerful UTV is a precise UTV that is bound to give a tremendous performance in your game. The Havoc is a precisely tuned engine that comes with a 100-horsepower and 957cc displacement. This powerful UTV has a dual cylinder engine that is cooled with liquid technology.

The Havoc comes with a continuous variable transmission, which is efficient and provides a tremendous performance with auto-drive. The UTV also provides you an option to select between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. The Havoc comes with an electronic fuel injection system that provides fuel-efficiency along with better performance.

The auto gear has five shift options, which are just like every other UTV, High, Low, Neutral, Reverse, and Park. The UTV does not come with a hand break because it has a parking gear for parking purpose. The gear lever is dash-mounted to make it convenient for the driver.

The Arctic Cat Havoc comes with an electric power steering, which makes sure that your arms do not apply too much force. The Arctic Cat has a nice set of suspensions. The front suspension is a double arm with 12.8 inches of travel in it. Whereas, the rear suspension has 13 inches of travel in it. The UTV has performance shocks that have double rated springs.

All four wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which are dual-piston calipers. DuroPowergrip tires in the UTV have steel wheels. The Havoc can bear 544 kilograms of load. The UTV can cargo up to a weight of 270 kilograms and can tow a total load of 910 kilograms.

The Havoc is 126 inches long and 64 inches wide. The dry weight of Havoc is 800 kilograms, which makes it a strong build and has a heavy chassis. The ground clearance of this UTV is 13 inches. Havoc has a fuel tank that can store up to 36-liters of fuel in it. The Arctic Cat Havoc gives you the option to adjust your LED backlights with the help of a dash-mounted diagnostic bar.

The Arctic Cat havoc comes with dual high and low beam LED headlights. It has sports bench seats and has a glovebox for additional storage. It has impact-resistant doors. The cargo bed is tilted able so that you do not have to pick each item, and you can easily drop by tilting the cargo bed. This most powerful side-by-side UTV comes with one year of full warranty.

The Havoc is designed and built to compete with the sports range of UTVs in the industry. The chassis that is used in this UTV has proved to be extremely tough and durable. The UTV works in such a way that it gives smooth and easy. The throttle is easy to operate at even low RPM.

The exhaust that is used in the UTV gives a pleasant sound. The top speed on the Havoc is about 112 kilometers per hour. The UTV gives a smooth and powerful performance and it is recommended to you if you need a powerful ride.

Maverick Sport X XC, Powerful UTV with 100 Horsepower

The Maverick Sport X XC comes with a powerful engine that can meet your expectations. It has a dual cylinder engine that has a 100-horsepower. The engine has a displacement of 976cc, which is cooled with a liquid radiator. There are some specific upgradations that the manufacturers have made in this powerful UTV for 2020.

The UTV is equipped with the intelligent throttle control that controls the electronic fuel injection system. It has a quick response transmission system with a continuous variable transmission system. The UTV contains ventilation that flows the air in high quantity. It is a fully automatic UTV and gives five gear options.

It has extra-Low, high, neutral, reverse, and parking gear options. The gear control lever is mounted on the dashboard and is very convenient to operate. The UTV comes with a smart differential locking technology that helps you to select between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive easily. The differential locking comes with four different options.

You can vary between four modes such as; 2-wheel drive only, 4-wheel drive with front locking differential locking facility, 4-wheel drive trail activated, and 4-wheel drive trail. All the options are well-engineered and give a unique facility to the driver.

The Maverick sports X XC comes with two types of assistance. You can select between electronic desert control for elevated areas and ECO mode to save fuel and power. The UTV also comes with a dynamic power steering that gives you smooth handling of the machine.

It comes with a powerful suspension in both front and rear. A double A-arm suspension on both sides with 14.7 inches of travel on each side. The manufacturers have used FOX suspension 2.5 which is a podium piggyback style. The UTV can bear every type of jumps and off-road bumps so that you can maintain your speed and do not slow down your UTV because of the jumps.

The suspension gives a great landing experience after jumps because of the suspension used in the UTV. You only have to balance your time and impact and leave all the rest to the Maverick. The UTV has a disc brake system in all wheels, which is a dual-piston caliper and gives an efficient performance on trails. The UTV comes with Maxxis tires Bighorn and the wheels are made with aluminum.

The dry weight of the UTV is 645 kilograms and has a good balance. The cargo box can carry up to 136 kilograms of load. It can tow a maximum load of 680 kilograms and has a fuel tank with a capacity of 38 liters. The UTV has a good ground clearance according to its size, which is 15-inches.

It comes with an integrated bumper at the front for strong protection of the motor from impact. Maverick X XC comes with a 6-months can-am Warranty that can be extended up to 30 months of period.

So, it all depends upon the choices and taste of people about which vehicle is best suitable for you and your hobbies. How much power, ground clearance, and loading capacity you need. Maverick X XC sports is one of the most powerful UTVs by can-am in the market. So, if you want to get a powerful UTV in 2020, do consider the option.

Polaris RZR XP 1000

The new Polaris RZR XP 1000 comes with a 999cc engine, which gives 110-horsepower of output. The engine is equipped with a liquid cooling technology to prevent it from heating up. The UTV comes with an optional 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive and has a 4-stroke engine with a twin-cylinder feature.

The RZR is operated with a powerful engine that can both save fuel and give a powerful output. The UTV also has an automatic transmission system along with five shift options which are; Park, Low, High, Neutral, and Reverse. It has a cargo box capacity of 136 kilograms. The dry weight of the UTV is 658 kilograms, which is almost similar to the other powerful UTVs. The weight between 600 to 700 kilograms of the UTV is a standard and good weight.

Polaris RZR XP has a strong and durable chassis and has a good build quality. The UTV has a fuel tank that can store up to 36 liters of fuel in it. The UTV has a ground clearance of 14-inches. It has a payload capacity of 335 kilograms. It is one of the most powerful Side-by-side UTV in 2020.

The UTV comes with a hydraulic disc brake system with dual-bore front and rear calipers. It does not have a handbrake because the UTV is parked with a Parking gear option the dash. It has a lock and ride cargo system and bowed doors. The UTV comes with analog and digital display for speedometer and all the other gauges that are important to monitor.

The UTV comes with an electric power steering, which gives you smooth handling experience. It has adjustable bucket seats that are comfortable as well as warm. It has LED headlights and backlights and the battery in the UTV operates all.

The suspension that is used in the UTV has some options that can give you a great experience during your ride in the trails. The Shocks that are used in the UTV has an adjustable clicker that can be adjusted up to 16 positions according to your choice.

The front suspension has a Dual A-arm bar whereas the rear suspension has a trailing arm. The front suspension has 16 inches of travel in it whereas the rear suspension has 18 inches of travel in it. Both front and rear suspensions have 20-inches of travel in them but the wheels are allowed to travel only 16 and 18-inches of travel.

The wheels are made with a cast aluminum material, and the tires are Maxxis Bighorn. The combination of wheels and tires gives you strong performance and does not disappoint you. The vehicle has been reviewed as the best vehicle for mud and ice track. So, you have your best options for the most powerful UTVs.

Yamaha YXZ 1000R SS SE

The Yamaha YXZ SS special edition comes with a 998cc engine with a triple-cylinder feature. It has liquid cooling technology and has a compression ratio of 11.3:1. The UTV comes with a throttle fuel injection system that gives a powerful output with an efficient pick-up feature.

The Yamaha YXZ 1000R SS special edition model has a 5-speed manual transmission and a reverse gear option. It also has an auto-clutch system and an on-demand 2-wheel and 4-wheel differential locking technology and works with the help of shaft.

It has Fox suspensions, which are Podium 2.5 with piggyback style. All shocks are spring shocks. The brakes that are used in the YXZ are dual-piston caliper disc brakes. The UTV comes with Maxxis tires that have aluminum wheels. The UTV has a ground clearance of 13.7 inches. The UTV has a fuel capacity of 34-liters.

The build quality of the UTV is mind-blowing. It has a dry weight of 709 kilograms, and it can handle cargo up to 136 kilograms of load. One of the best things about the UTV is that it gives you a full one year warranty with unlimited mileage if you are not using it for commercial purposes.

Overall, it is a powerful and unique product in terms of performance. If you want to buy a powerful UTV, do consider this model.

How to Check if you have a Powerful Side-by-Side UTV?

There are some factors that you can keep in mind or check for when you are selecting a UTV with extraordinary power. These factors can help you choose a powerful UTV for your game or work.


The specifications of the engine are the most important things to review while selecting a UTV in terms of greater power. More displacement means more horsepower. 1000cc engines can produce different amounts of horsepower. You always need to make sure about the horsepower of the UTV.


If you see two UTVs that are both around 1000cc but have a different number of cylinders in it, then the engine with a greater number of cylinders will produce more power than the lesser one. The reason is that it has more workforce than the other. Now, this is a must for all the powerful Side-by-side UTVs.


The suspension is also an important part of UTV to take into consideration to select a UTV in terms of power. If the UTV has a good set of suspensions that is strong and has a good length of travel in it, then it will not restrict the power of UTV by jumping in the trails.


If the tires are not strong enough and do not have the required friction to support the power of the engine for better performance, then the power produced by the engine will be wasted. So, having a good set of tires to compete for power with the other UTVs in the market is also a big factor.


The UTV manufacturers were now installing a supercharging kit in the 1000cc engine also. They know that customers are attracted more to power than fuel efficiency when it comes to off-road trailing. So, a UTV that has an engine that also contains turbocharging technology with throttle fuel or electronic fuel injectors is the best option in choosing a powerful UTV.

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