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Must Have Accessories for a UTV

Must Have Accessories for a UTV

Owning UTV delivers fantastic possibilities both for play and work. This vehicle makes available excellent platforms to customize it according to your personal tastes and needs. There is a massive market for the accessories to mount in your vehicle.

In this article, our editors have explained 18 of these important accessories for every UTV. We have added details of UTV accessories like skid plate, rearview mirrors, cab storage, roof, bed storage, speakers, cargo net, and repair kit, etc.

Driving a factory-provided UTV does not give you real excitement and fun of the dirt streets roaring, splashing by a muddy puddle, and undertaking an exciting ride to challenge turns and twists. Your UTV is required to be outfitted with the accessories to turn it into uniquely suited for your vehicle. 

18 Must Have Accessories for a UTV

You need certain accessories to enhance your overall driving experience. These accessories will make your off-road adventures even more enthusiastic and enjoyable. We have critically acclaimed the best after-market products to explore the needed items for you to spend money.

Here, our editors come up with 18 best accessories for a UTV that will help to add more safety, more comfort, and more stability to your UTV riding experience.

Accessories for UTV Function Compatible with most UTVs Check Price
Rearview Mirrors Give better awareness about all things around Yes Check Price
Roof You can get fresh air, updated style Yes Check Price
Bed Storage Pack Maintain UTV gear at correct position, secure you from the dirt and water, Yes Check Price
Winch Provide raw power, control, and security, protect you from the stickiest situations Yes Check Price
Cab Storage Pack Can easily give the essentials core during ride, best for the things you want to grab quickly. Yes Check Price
Ski and Track System Keep you away from the snow, perfect option to travel through the muddy, snowy, and rocky tracks Yes Check Price
Skid Plate Moderate to intense level trail ride and rock crawling, Yes Check Price
LED Lights Allows you to see from the long distances, ensures passengers safety and trail visibility Yes Check Price
Windshields   Perfect to carry if want to travel through the woody regions in summer-time Yes Price
Tires Deliver high-speed fun ride in the desert Yes Check Price
Kolpin Switchblade Plow This accessory remove snow from the drive-way, Yes Price
Doors Perfect to riding in the woody area, protection from harmful elements Yes Price
Canyon Scout Cooler Specially designed for the chill adventures Yes Check Price
Speakers Add a lot of enjoyment and fun to your riding experience Yes Price
Cargo Net Prevent the items from falling out Yes Check Price
Dry Box Protects from muddy and dirty situations Yes Price
Driving Gear Includes gloves, a set of goggles, helmet, and a decent dusk mask for the dusty situations Yes Price
Repair Kit Protect you from the long walk back, carry the essential tools to fix your vehicle Yes





Rearview Mirrors

Rearview mirror is an essential accessory in terms of safety, like in a regular car. These mirrors keep an eye on everything behind you and let you know how far a vehicle is from your UTV. Rearview mirrors give you better awareness regarding all the things around your vehicle.

It is especially lovely in case when you are waiting at a fork and want to ensure that the vehicle behind you know in which way out you went. But that is not all about it. This is perfect for back up and helps you when you are in a tight situation. This is one of the must-have accessories for a UTV.

The best part of the device is that since it is an after-market accessory so, you will decide where to position it correctly to receive the best possible angle. Never forget about the addition to any side of its roll cage because you have the option to install it hanging from the high side.

We search out the best UTV rearview mirror that is available at Amazon. You can position it alongside to check the sides of your machine to ensure that the tight trails are clear, and you can place it in another way to see your cargo when you go over the bumps.

Rearview mirrors are so crucial for a UTV, and you think that they are the factory-issued. This is usually considered a must-have accessory because when you hammer on the trail, this device makes backing up safe and comfortable. It is of most value, mainly when instead of using a standard three-point belt, you use the seat harness.

The best thing about the rearview mirror is that it can be positioned where you want it to be. It works just fine at anyplace that is best for you. Apart from being an excellent idea, adding a mirror to your UTV is very necessary to make it legal to drive on general roadways.


Having an open UTV is extremely fun. You can get fresh air and celebrate the wind feeling on your face. In extreme conditions of weather, you will absolutely need a roof. If you mount a roof on the UTV, you will receive protection from the unwanted elements. It will also add a bit of an updated style for your vehicle. It will secure you and your equipment irrespective of the weather condition.

You will receive wide open air on your UTV by having a roof. When you are out on the trail, there will be something refreshing about it. Therefore, if raining starts, it means that you are about to get wet. Even a clear day can become uncomfortable with the scorching or hot sun. So, having a roof over your vehicle will be very convenient for you. This is among the top accessories for a UTV,

Just like many other accessories, there are various options available to mount an appropriate roof. Fabric roofs are inexpensive to add a covering over your vehicle. Harder and more durable roofs in plastic and aluminum are also available to deliver a similar function.

Bed Storage Pack, Must-Have Accessory for a UTV

UTVs are fantastic for all the storage it offers. Many of them can also go through the rough terrain. Most of the UTVs have beds that are designed to carry the gear.

This is nice at all, but you have to consider how it is staying there through every bump. You also need to worry about securing it from the dirt and water.

A storage pack that fits into the bed of your machine solves many problems. Once it is installed, it will keep your gear in the correct position. It will also secure your vehicle’s gear from the unwanted elements.

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Some packs have individual compartments, which make it easy to arrange the gear for simple access later.

A lot of options are available for the pack, and there is a variety when it comes to versatility and durability. Search an appropriate option that can work according to your needs. You can buy this at Amazon.

These two cannot mix well, and things can damage easily. That’s why having a protective storage pack for your UTV bed will help. You can place everything in this storage pack and keep it secure and protected throughout the ride experience.


Winches offer raw power, control, and security to protect you from the stickiest situations. A general wisdom rule in this industry says that it will be useful to choose a winch in about 4000 lb. Range. It will give the pulling power that your UTV needs, especially if it is running on a bigger UTV.

We search for the best winch for you to buy. Winch keeps you out of the tight spots. If you stuck anywhere on the off-road, you could get out of the sticky place by attaching the winch to the UTV and the other vehicle. Another compulsory thing to consider regarding it is a durable winch cable.

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You can also help anyone else by using this winch that has got its UTV stuck. Winches are also helpful if you need to add anything to your vehiclelike a snow-plow. The winch takes good care of the movements.

Cab Storage Pack

Having a storage pack in the bed is good to have more gear, but it is not a convenient option in case when you need to grab something quickly during the shortstop. You can easily receive the essentials core during your ride if you have some kind of cab storage pack in the front.

What kind of things you need to store in a storage pack of cab instead of a bed strobe pack? There are many options available, including the mounting positions (between the seats, on doors, overhead, etc.).

I find the best Cab Storage Pack for you. This cab pack is normally used for the thing like maps, phones, cameras, and snacks.

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Cab pack functions are almost similar to the bed pack function. It keeps protected all your gear. The main difference between these two is that this cab storage is very close and best for the things which you want to grab quickly.

Ski and Track System

Equipping your side by side with the perfect accessory can make it easy to hit the grounds that are snow-filled during the winter. You can enjoy your vehicle all the long year by installing an appropriate track and ski system with tank-like treads.

 It will keep you away from the snow that is slowing you down and holding you back. Some of the track systems can perform heavy-lifting, and it is a perfect option to travel through the muddy, snowy, and rocky tracks. It is among the top-rated accessories for a UTV.

Skid Plate

You will definitely require a skid plate if you are riding on the extreme areas. If you want to do any moderate to intense level trail ride and rock crawling, then you cannot go without having this. Whether you are facing a massive hurdle on the trail, potholes, or quick descents/ascents, you will be happy to have a full skid-plate.

Although Your UTV has a factory-issued stock skid plate, but it is a part that you need to upgrade immediately. Do not ruin the plate before you replace it, or you can end-up breaking something in the process.

There are some options available in this skid plate. You can secure particular parts such as a-arms and under-carriage with the full-plate. If you are smart enough, you can protect both. It is not an expensive deal to upgrade the skid plate now rather than fixing the damage and harm done to your UTV.

It is vital to consider the material type used as well. Many small pieces like a-arm guard are only available in the specific metal alloys. Full-skid plates are also available in the UHMW for most of the UTVs. These are extremely strong, quiet, and effective.

LED Lights

LED lights are a great option to enjoy the performance riding even after dark and in the damp weather conditions. LED light bar is useful if you want to see from long distances.

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There is a need not to worry about the passenger’s safety and trail visibility. You can equip your vehicle with some high-illumination cube lights or an LED bar that will assist you in clearly seeing all the hurdles in your track while adding a bit of style to the looks.

We find an excellent LED Light accessory while searching through Amazon.


Feeling the wind while cruising down the trails a liberating experience. Your ride can ruin in harsh weather conditions and if the off-road path is extremely chockfull with the excessive dust. Things will get much worse as bugs, mosquitoes, and flies take shots to your face.

Windshields are an essential accessory to carry when you travel through the woody regions in summer-time. Keep the dust and wind at bay by mounting a half-windshield. It will give you the required protection from the harmful elements without cutting you from the outdoor feel.

A windshield is a trendy and must-have accessory to mount in your UTV. It also helps in keeping you a bit warm in the wintertime. The problem with most of the windshields is its cost. They are generally expensive, especially a fancy one that is issued from the factory.

A suitable option to save money is to get a half-windshield. In a few dollars, you can get a Tusk half-windshield that can deflect air to smack you at your mouth and deliver the right amount of trail security from the debris and mud. It is one of the best accessories for a UTV.

A windshield could be used for a lot of reasons. If you want to ride in a slightly cold temperature, you will absolutely feel the desire to have a windshield. A half-windshield and wind reflector can do this trick as well.


You can select the kind of tires based on the type of ride and sort of terrain you usually ride on, and you are looking for. The industry of UTV provides excellent specific built-in options to meet your various needs.

Some tires are built quite narrow to work efficiently along any fifty-inch trail. The wider ones are specifically designed to have a high-speed fun ride in the desert. The available tires are much varied, like the machine.

You can buy from Amazon.

Kolpin Switchblade Plow

To ride in the snowy regions, you undoubtedly need an accessory to remove snow from the driveway. A snow-plow at your vehicle can work wonders, and again it is a lot of fun. The problem with snow-plows is they are not cheap to get. Mostly you have to buy a specially designed frame for your UTV to add it in the mounting hardware and blade.

Kolpin change it with the switchblade. It is a plow in the box that has an adjustable plow blade and a universal-fit frame. The best part regarding the accessory is its price. You will get the whole plow set-up in less than the frame cost assemblies available on the other plows.


It may or may not be an essential accessory. It depends upon what kind of UTV you own because some of them already come with the stock doors, such as the Arctica Cat Wildcat and Kawasaki Teryx. But most of the machines like the Can-Am Commander and Polaris RZR do not have this accessory.

If you are riding in the wooded area, so many unwanted elements can hit you and poke out. In this situation, doors will secure you from being affected by your surroundings. You will also stay warmer and safe in wet or cold conditions. You can also add bells near the door.

Doors provide an additional level of protection while you are riding out. For the kind of desert riding, this is not being a big deal to consider. If you are riding in the woods with aplenty of branches, you will feel more protected to have doors.

Most after-market doors that are available for the UTVs are considered as suicide doors. This means that the hinge is placed at the back of your vehicle rather than the front, which is the opposite of most vehicles. For the UTV vehicles, it delivers the best accessibility when you get in or out of your vehicle.

The doors you buy must match to your specific UTV. Some UTV’s come with built-in doors, and if it’s your case, then you can move on to get the next accessory.

Canyon Scout Cooler

There are cheap coolers available out there. I get one of that. There are a few definite reasons to opt for one of today’s extreme coolers. Since you are driving a UTV, you should know them. It can hold ice for a more extended period.

It can also hold the abuse trail use up to the dish out. That is where this twenty-two quart Canyon cooler can shine. It is specifically designed for the chill adventures and adventure UTVs. Its construction is extremely rugged, and it has various tie-down points.

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I have used many coolers, but the Canyon ones are better than any. If you have bought a cooler as an accessory from the UTV manufacturer than you need to spend more. If you are looking to buy a rugged cooler, Canyon is a great deal to consider.


Who does not love to listen to music? When you are on a ride, the item that can tie the fun is an excellent speaker system.

There are many speaker systems which are specially designed for the specific UTVs. These can add a lot of enjoyment and fun to your riding experience.

Cargo Net

Why do you want a UTV cargo net?

When you are riding your vehicle in crazy situations where sometimes flying through the air, items start to fly. A cargo net can drape over all of the things in your vehicle and protect them in place. This way will prevent the items from falling out.

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Dry Box

During your UTV ride, there can be a lot of situations that can make you muddy and dirty. But certain options can prevent to happen it. Dry Box is among the essential accessories for a UTV.

A dry box is usually used to secure your wallet and phone during the ride. Having this box can let you enjoy your ride experience without worrying about the security of these essential items.

Driving Gear

If you are a nascent driver of UTV, you will not probably have bought or considered these items. However, acquiring the necessary gear is vital for your driving experience.

Some vital gear that you will need include gloves, a set of goggles, helmet, and a decent dusk mask for the dusty situations.

Repair Kit

It is among the most important and commonly carried items for a UTV driver. When you are traveling in far-out places, a repair kit is a must-have accessory to protect you from the long walk back. It is necessary to carry the essential tools to fix your vehicle if anything goes wrong with your UTV.

Here is the Amazon link to buy this UTV repair kit.

Final Words

We have explained 18 of these best accessories for a UTV. If we missed any, you are welcome to mention UTV accessories in the comment section below.

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