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Places To Ride Dirt Bikes

Places To Ride Dirt Bikes in 2020

Now that you bought your new dirt bike and you are ready to start the fun, but the question is, “Where to Ride Dirt Bike”. I have seen a few buyers who upon purchasing dirt bikes were now looking for places to ride dirt bikes.

This website receives thousands of visitors every month from around the globe, if you own any dirt bike track or have something useful to share, don’t forget to mention in the comments section.

Let us get to our main topic and that is to find the best places to ride dirt bikes. As I said, I will be sharing a detailed list of all the good places in the USA, where you can go and have the fun of riding dirt bikes.

Many of us are looking for the deserted area for the dirt bike riding, I have been personally gone to a couple of desert tracks and O, boy, that is some serious fun.

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Now the question comes about the riders who don’t own a track for dirt bikes, but the main thing is that you don’t need to get in legal trouble. You can also join any local dirt bike tracks. So, I would suggest to get yourself a license and your dirt bike registered with the local authority.

Also, you must have the proper gear for riding that may include chest guard, gloves, goggles, and helmet, etc. Once you are equipped with the above-mentioned stuff, you are ready to go.

Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes

Here, I have mentioned the details of all the suitable places where a dirt bike rider can have riding sessions. You don’t need some fancy tracks or lights, dirt bike riding is a hardcore game that is driven by pure passion.

Now you must be thinking where do I go for dirt bike riding, as I have mentioned earlier, I have made tracks in my farmhouse. When you are riding at your own farm, no one can question you. Trail riding is always filled with fun and thrill. So, without further discussion, let me brief you guys about the best places for riding dirt bikes in the USA.

Private Land for dirt bike riding

First and the best solution is to find some private land which you can use as a dirt bike track. These local dirt bike tracks are the best and affordable option that you can choose to select. Look around and you may find some local association of bikers, they usually have tracks for riding 2 strokes or 4 stroke dirt bikes.

However there may be a small fee that you have to pay, it varies from city to city. But let me assure you its nothing if compared to the fun and thrill that comes with riding dirt bikes. Read this guide about How to Ride a Dirt Bike.

If you can’t find any local association, you can directly contact any private landowner and probably you will be ready to ride once you make a deal with him. I have seen many private landowners who just a small fee and they let riders use their land. If you are concerned about which bike to select, read this Dirt Bike Sizing Guide.

Dirt Bike Riding in Forest Trails/Desert Trails/Mountain Roads

Now, this is for real hardcore riders which usually involve off-road riding. Now you must look for any sign on the roads that may state about dirt bike riding. You can get a map from local traffic authority which will guide you about tracks that are allowed for dirt bikes.

There are public places like roads to mountains, desert areas and these are heavens for dirt bike riders. normally the local government makes such tracks open for riders a couple of times every year. Read here: How to start a dirt bike that has been sitting.

Now when you are in the open and riding dirt bikes to hilly areas, you may experience lodges and fallen trees on the way. This not only brings excitement to the journey but makes you alert also.  These hilly areas are the, “best places to ride dirt bikes”. You will not only be riding the dirt bike but ensuring your safety at the same time.

You never know what they track has in store for you. You must be wearing all the needed gears and equipped with a helmet. I have seen a couple of riders who got trapped on the way, it is always recommended to take some extra fuel on the way. Read here guide about Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids. If you are looking for ways to transport a dirtbike, read this guide.

Where Can I ride my Dirt Bike Legally

I have seen that in a few areas you may need to obtain a permit that allows you to ride a dirt bike at specified areas. Now if you are on the road without that permit you any expect to be fined heavily. You must properly check the status of your dirt bike before you plan any of such trips.

Follow your dirt bike riding laws, and get in touch with local riders and you will be soon be riding legally without any fear. Choose wisely so you stay out of danger.

Look for Off-Road Racing Sessions

Now, this is interesting, almost every place has their dirt bike riding association or something similar to that. These associations hold monthly off-road racing sessions, if you are a racing type, you should go for this. They not only provide you with all the tracks and competitors and that too at a very small fee. 

You will always enjoy the company of fellow riders. I normally attend my association, however, we have a different setup here, usually, we have three races in a year and that too in a fantastic way. I personally know may “best dirt bike trails in the US”, you just have to get involved in the riding community and you will have all the details. 

It all starts with a week of partying and celebration, racers from different locations come to visit this marvelous racing event. Last year I won 2nd prize in one of the races there. I strongly recommend following this. 

Far Off Rural Areas

I personally love this, there are many areas, of which only a few people know. I strongly believe that if you start searching for such an off-road area, in your locality, you will be amazed at the thrill it offers. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike. If you plan to go off rural areas you should better not use a 110cc dirt bike, instead, you can go for more powerful engines. Also change engine oil, before you plan any such event. Better you go for a customized dirt bike for such off areas.

You will not only be enjoying your ride but you will disturb no one. This is the best part of far-off rural areas and I call these “Heaven for Dirt Bike Riders”, I have personally located a few of such locations in my city. Now if you find any such location, you should hide it from non-riders, use that place for your riding and for other riders that are from the same community. You should only allow trusted fellows there. 

Follow Local and Federal Rules for Riding a dirt bike in the USA

You must follow all local and federal rules when it comes to riding a dirt bike, you don’t want to end up behind the bars or face a huge fine. It is advised to get yourself registered at the local government office or any authority that may be responsible for roads safety etc. Use a proper kit and must be equipped with all the necessary gadgets. Keep your dirt bike well maintained for a fun-filled ride.

Go have the fun of your life.


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