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Razor Dirt Bike Comparison Chart

Razor Dirt Bike Comparison Chart

Razor Dirt Bike Comparison Chart

Razor brand dirt bikes are super cool and are very much popular. These dirt bikes are for many different age groups. Every dirt bike from the Razor come with a unique set of features that are hard to match. Razor Electric Dirt Bikes are a perfect gift for kids.

You have to select the dirt bike for your kid which is perfect according to his age and comfortable for him, or also according to the color which your kids love the most. This Razor Dirt Bike Comparison Chart explain in detail all features and specifications of different razor bikes.

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids– Top Rated Dirt Bikes Reviews

Razor Dirt Bike Comparison Chart 2020

Name Razor MX350Razor MX400Razor MX500Razor MX650Razor SX500
Battery 24Volts (two 12V) sealed the lead-acid rechargeable batteryThe sealed lead-acid battery system of 24 volts (2, 12 volt)36 Volts (12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system36 Volts (three 12 V) sealed the lead-acid battery36 Volts (three 12 V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
Riding limitUp to 30 min,10 miles on a single chargeAbove half an hour on a single chargeAbove 40  min on a single chargeUp to 40 min on a single chargeUp to 40 minutes
Charge 12 hours charging time12 hours12 hours12 hours12 hours
Speed  12 mphUp to 14 mphUp to 15 mphUp to 17 mph15 mph (24 km/h)
 Bike Weight 33.1 pounds61.5 pounds112 pounds98.2 pounds98 pound
Age limit 5-8, also 13 years and above13 years and above14 years and above, also suitable for 8-12 years according to customer reviews16 years and above14 years and above
Dimensions44 x 24.5 x 31 inches45.1 x 10.8 x 25 inches46.5 x 13.7 x 26 inches


56 x 24.5 x 36 inches


56 x 36 x 24.5 inches


Limit 140 lbs (64 kg)140 pounds175 pounds220 pounds175 pounds
Suspension Pneumatic knobby tires Pneumatic knobby tiresDual suspension and pneumatic knobby tiresRear adjustable suspension and front inverted forkPneumatic knobby tires
Tire size 10 inch12 inchFront 16 inch and rear 14 inch16-inch front and 14 inch rear tire12 inch
Available colorBlue and BlackGreen and RedRedYellowRed
Noise productionSuper quietSuper quietSuper quietSuper quietSuper quiet
Check PriceRazor MX350Razor MX400Razor MX500Razor MX650Razor SX500

 In this razor dirt bike comparison chart, I have given to a complete comparison of Razor dirt bikes that you will definitely like. I have compiled up all the necessary information for the convenience of my readers.

You can just check out this chart and immediately select that which dirt bike you are going to buy for your kids. I hope that you will find this chart very much useful.

I have worked a lot in finding out all these things one by one and presenting you here in the form of a complete chart. Razor MX350 is the smallest and Razor MX650 is the largest size available in the market while others lie in middle size group.

Razor Electric Dirt Bikes

Razor Dirt bikes are always been popular since day one of their manufacturing. They are the king of dirt bikes in the world of off-road fantasies. They are remarkable, fantastic and fabulous dirt bikes that have bought a revolution in the dirt bike market.

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike

I personally love Razor bikes very much. My elder son is using Razor MX650 that I have bought for him and till now this dirt bike is working perfectly fine at its peak and he is enjoying its ride very much and racing with his friends. He is now more confident in riding just because of this Razor dirt bike and I am glad that I have chosen this dirt bike for my kid.

Razor MX350

On the 8th birthday of my little son, I bought Razor MX350 for him. Same as the previous dirt bike I have bought this little bike for my kid also proved best. These dirt bikes have the best specifications. Actually, dirt bike riding is a popular craze among the children, youth and adults also and so in my family.

This is actually a good thing that kids not indulge in the useless unhealthy activities and take interest in bike riding which enables them to play in the fresh air, become physically active and this affects on their health and mind also rather than abusing laptops or mobile screens.

But you should make sure to take care that your kids are wearing safety gears like helmets, gloves, goggles, and others for a completely safe and sound ride. Raed here about Financing Dirt Bikes.

Riding Razor Dirt bikes are always be fun for kids and in order to make them more confident in riding, allow them to ride without fear. You can make a start of their riding experience from safe areas like your garage etc and then allow them to ride on the rough terrains and open large areas without worrying because while practicing.

your child will become an expert in bike riding but make sure to select the right dirt bike according to his age and by allowing him to sit and check the bike’s comfort and his easy reach on handlebars and the ground.

Why I Selected Razor Electric Dirt Bikes?

Actually choosing the Razor dirt bikes for your kids is best, just I am not saying this but thousands of people say this that Razor dirt bikes proved perfect for their children and experience always speaks the truth. Razor bikes also have got the best customer ratings. Choosing Razor dirt bikes to have many benefits as it is completely environmentally safe as it doesn’t make any noise and pollution.

The assembly of the tires which are sometimes required in it is very much easier and it is very much convenient to ride on it. Everything is perfectly designed for smooth and safe riding that you will feel completely satisfied while allowing your kid to ride on it

Besides this, it has smooth brakes and your kid will get great confidence when he will ride on this bike because other dirt bikes are may not good in the braking system and kids fear by riding on them or maybe noisy that disturb your kid while driving.

Other dirt bikes may not allow your little to have a firm grip and reach to the handlebars. That’s why I am saying that these dirt bikes are good for your kid and even in the starting of his bike riding experience.

I hope you will like this article and this will benefit you a lot in choosing the right one. Good luck.

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