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Should I Buy an ATV or UTV?

Should I Buy an ATV or UTV?

This is an insanely trending question and you are also here to get to know about it. Don’t worry I will elaborate you the whole answer to this question.

I know you are anxiously waiting to know about it. But let me tell you that I will explain each and everything by remaining non-biased.

I have been using an ATV along with a UTV for a couple of months and O, Boy things are getting awesome 🙂

There are many subtle similarities in both of these vehicles. But definitely, they are different from each other. ATVs are lighter in weight than that of UTVs. If you want a lightweight vehicle than you can buy an ATV. Otherwise, enjoy the heavyweight UTV. An ATV has usually a weight of 700-800 lbs and UTV usually ranged from 1000 – 1700 lbs.

Comparison chart between ATV and UTV 

The comparison chart is having the complete details of these both vehicles. This chart clearly explains all the major differences between ATV and UTV.

Must give it a read.

Comparison Chart for an ATV vs UTV
Features ATV UTV
Size ATVs are smaller UTVs are bigger.
Number of seats Offers only 1 seat 2-4 and even 6 seats
Operating type It has the handlebars It has the steering wheel
Types of seats Seat to straddle on Bucket-like comfy seats
Weight Lightweight, 700-800 lbs Heavy, 1000-1700 lbs
Enclosure No such enclosure Full cab enclosure
Capacity Only capacity to carry riders weight Full cargo capacity to carry important things
Towing Good towing capacity Not good towing

Should I buy an ATV or UTV?

 In order to get to know the full guide, sit relaxed on your couch and read the details:

First of all, let me tell you that the ATVs are all-terrain vehicles. They are meant for the single riders and are smaller than that of UTVs.

While the UTV’s are the utility task vehicle. More than one person can sit and enjoy it. They are designed for 2 or 4 people and even 6 now.

Below are the top 3 ATVs in the market nowadays:

ATV’s are all-terrain vehicles:

ATV’s are recreational and you can use them in sports and racing. This is because of their firm grip and nimbleness. While the UTV s are the off-road vehicles that are specially designed for the extreme rough terrains, hauling and many other tasks like this.

My kids are a big fan of an ATV and I joust bought this amazing ATV for 10-Year-old Son. Click here to read the full article.

ATV’s have handlebars:

ATVs are having handlebars like a bike. While the UTVs contains the steering wheel like in the truck or in a car. In a UTV, you sit in a bucket like seats while in an ATV you straddle on the whole seat just like in any bike. It all depends on you which position you like the best and comfortable.

Side by side term is used for the vehicle, ATVs. The terms MUV and ROV are also used for ATV vehicles. Again, this all depends on you that which vehicle features are attracting you. Get the one which you found comfortable. I prefer to use an ATV for hunting.

I am telling you the features of both without any discrimination. You have to choose it by reading all about both ATVs and UTVs.

UTV’s have large cargo capacity:

ATV has smaller dimensions and is easy to handle as compared to others. UTV carries larger cargo capacity. This capacity ranges from the 200-1000 lbs. sometimes it is equipped with the electro-hydraulic pump. An ATV has the capacity of 200-300 lbs. It will carry just your weight and fulfill your requirements.

Another thing is the towing capacity which matters too. If you need to carry extra weight, these things matter to you otherwise not. But most of the times it is just the same for both of these vehicles.

When buying any one of them, just look for the front and back hitches. Rear one is universal but you can try the front hitch. Try them and make a decision.

Capacity and power of any vehicle must be comfortable; otherwise, it ends up collecting dirt in the garage. The overall design of the vehicle must be good. Ideally, you should also look for the steering wheel, buttons, breaks, operator’s space control sticks, etc.

Comfortable ride:

ATV is quite comfortable but a straddling vehicle will require legs efforts and you may get tired. On the other hand, there is no effort on legs when you ride a UTV. It will lessen your legs swinging.

But choose the right one as some UTVs has the tight legs room which causes discomfort. You should consider this thing before buying any of these vehicles. If the placing room is enough and good then you will enjoy the comfy ride a lot. In 2020 many new brands are coming with better ATV’s and UTV’s. 

UTV offers an outlet to carry your essentials like smartphones, safety gears and other things with you. UTV offers safety as well as the ATV. ATV’s big 4 tires and firm grips ensure safety otherwise there is no any other protection. While in UTV there are cage and protection systems too with seat belts. Its side doors are fully closed and it’s the full cab enclosure which ensures further safety.

Each one has its own unique features and specifications with different safety provision. I have seen many kids also enjoy riding electric dirt bikes.

Pros and Cons of ATV and UTV

Every vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Pros Cons
Lightweight Only one person seat
Awesome towing capacity Less sitting comfort
Less expensive Less Cargo capacity
Comfortable grip Limited safety

Pros and Cons of UTV

Pros Cons
Complete safety with a safe enclosure Larger turning radius
Full cargo capacity Not enough flexibility
Extra space and seats Little bit expensive
Integrated bed Not good for sports

Final words

I am done explaining in complete detail about this topic. I hope that now you have got your desired answer. As the choice is completely a personal thing and I have explained everything non-biased. So that you can buy an ATV or a UTV according to your own choices.

I have done my work and now you have to just buy any one of these vehicles and do fun. 

Best of luck.       

Team –

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