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Smallest UTV With Power Steering 2020

Smallest UTV With Power Steering 2020

UTVs are interesting vehicles to drive off-road. Driving these types of vehicles is a bit different than the ones that you drive on roads. These vehicles need some extra attention and skills to drive smoothly and perfectly. You never know when you are going to drift or stuck in mud.

These vehicles are mostly used as a side vehicle on farms to transport goods and even for farming purposes. The UTVs are used for many different purposes, and we have discussed that in our other articles. Now, we are here to discuss some of the best small-sized UTVs that come with a stock power steering.

All normal cars or other vehicles come with power steering whether electronic or dynamic. The manufacturers give power steering to create the vehicle easy to steer even when you are tired of long drive. Power steering makes your drive smooth and easy in terms of handling.

Smallest UTV With Power Steering 2020 Reviews

So, driving with power steering is always fun and beneficial. Suppose you are going through a track where you have to take sharp turns again and again. When you have a power steering in your UTV, you can steer your UTV more efficiently and smoothly without getting tired.

There is no doubt that smaller UTVs are easy to handle and operate than the bigger ones. But going through tough trails requires some more force than the usual. So, using a UTV with power steering is better than using a UTV without a power steering.

We have a list of some UTVs that are easy to operate through tough turns and drive smaller trails.

So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into the detailed specifications of these UTVs and what they offer.

Smallest UTV With Power Steering 2020 Features Price
Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS Dynamic Power Steering, differential locking system, 2 models, Carlisle tires, Gas-charged shocks $13,100
Yamaha Wolverine X2-R Powerful engine, Piggyback shocks, Dirt commander tires, optional 2W and 4W-drive, Disc brakes, strong winch, EPS $15,000
Kawasaki Mule Pro MX EPS Continuous variable transmission, differential locking, Kawasaki warranty, disc brakes, engine braking $12,000
Cub Cadet Challenger MX 750 EPS EFI, continuously variable transmission, bench seats, cupholders, EPS. $14,300
Kymco UXV 700i LE EPS Fuel injection system, bucket seats, powerful LEDs, storage compartments, safety measures $10,400

Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS

The first to talk about the Can-am Maverick trail is its size. The Maverick trail comes with only 50-inches width, 118-inches of length, and 69-inches of height. These sizes make it a specialized UTV for trailing in a congested track. It has small rims with only 12-inches of length that can fit in almost every type of track.

You may not only use the UTV for a game or sports purpose, and you can use your UTV to go through a forest or to a trail that is not wider to support a UTV with 69 inches of width. The Maverick Trail is specifically designed for the purpose.

The UTV comes in two types of engines, one is the 800cc, which gives 51 units of horsepower, and the other one is 1000cc which gives 75 units of horsepower. Both variants of these engines come with a dual-cylinder and are cooled with liquid cooling technology. The UTV comes with an intelligent throttle control system that controls the flow of fuel through electronic fuel injection.

The UTV comes with a continuously variable transmission that allows high airflow to develop maximum power. The UTV has an auto gear system with five gear options. The gear options are Low, High, Neutral, reverse, and parking. The Maverick Trail has a differential locking facility that allows the driver to select 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive.

There are two modes of driving the maverick trail UTV, the Sports mode and ECO mode. Sports mode is used when you are climbing a hill and need more power. Whereas, ECO mode is used when you are going through a straight track and do not need extra power.

The UTV comes with a dynamic power steering that allows you to use less power during your driving. The dynamic power steering has an extra feature that can assist the motor of the steering. Let us now talk about the suspension of the Maverick Trail DPS. It has a double A-arm suspension on each side with 10-inches of travel in the front suspension.

The rear suspension comes with TTA sway bar suspension having 10.5-inches of travel in the maverick trail. It has gas-charged shocks in the front and the rear. The UTV has disc brakes in all wheels which are ventilated and dual-piston calipers. The UTV comes with an 11-inch display that displays the information about all the warnings, speed, RPM, and other properties.

The UTV comes with Carlisle special tires that can bear tough jumps and rocks on the way. The ground clearance of the UTV is 10-inches, which proves that the UTV is very small in size and provides the property of mobility way more than other UTVs. It is not only small but also very powerful UTV on the market. The UTV can carry 135 kilograms of weight in its cargo box.

The fuel tank of the UTV can store up to a maximum fuel of 38-liters. So, you do not need to worry about the gas when you are going to farther places.

Yamaha Wolverine X2-R, Smallest UTV with Power Steering 2020

Yamaha is another edition in the market in the category of small and powerful UTVs. The Wolverine is bound to give you as much adventure as you want. Yamaha Wolverine is a full-time package for those who want to buy a UTV, which is more powerful and smaller in size. The manufacturers have done a great job by designing such a powerful utility vehicle.

The Wolverine X2-R is specialized for trails and off-road driving. The toughness, quality, loading capacity, and design give the proof of a great package for you to test your off-road skills and do your game. You can easily go to trails on the UTV, you can pull the load and you can cargo some of your things that you want to take with you on the cargo bed.

Let us jump on to the specifications now. The Wolverine X2-R comes with an 850cc engine that has two cylindersthat are aligned parallel to each other. It is liquid-cooled and contains 4-valves on each cylinder. The engine has a compression ratio of 10.5:1 and this ratio is the better one for powerful performance. Power steering helps the driver to be fresh even after long and tricky rides.

The wolverine has a fuel injection system that is provided by the Mikuni company with two throttle bodies. The transmission that is used in the UTV has four gear options which are Low, High, neutral, and reverse. The UTV comes with an engine braking system that helps you control your UTV when you are going on a higher speed.

The wolverine comes with a 3-way differential locking capability. The differential locking ability enables you to select between 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, and differential lock 4-wheel drive. Wolverine X2-R is not an ordinary machine. The specifications can see it in the vehicle that it is multifunction in most aspects.

The front suspension of wolverine X2-R are anti-sway bar piggyback shocks which has 8.7 inches of travel in it. Whereas, the rear suspension also has piggybacked shocks but it has a travel of 9.3-inches. The front and rear suspensions are fully adjustable according to your needs and requirement. The brakes that are used in the UTV are fully functional hydraulic disc brakes.

The parking brake that is used in the UTV is shaft mounted and can be activated whenever you want to park your UTV. The wolverine comes with one of the toughest tires in the market. It contains dirt commander tires whose wheelbase is 83.7 inches. The wolverine is not very small UTV but comes in the category of smaller ones.

It is 62-inches wide and has a turning radius of 189-inches. You have to be careful on smaller paths to take sharp turns. The ground clearance is 11.5-inches. The UTV comes with 34 liters of fuel tank that is a good-sized tank for longer tracks. The total weight of the UTV, along with the fluids, is 760 kilograms. It can cargo the load up to 270 kilograms on its cargo bed.

The UTV can pull the load of 970 kilograms. It is a powerful machine and can be used to fulfill many everyday needs. It comes with 6-months of warranty with an extra warranty for other parts.

Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX EPS, Best Small-Sized UTV for 2020

Kawasaki is an all-time famous company in mechanical machinery. It is famous for its bikes and heavy-duty vehicles. The company took part in utility manufacturing industry and created an importance in the industry by manufacturing good quality products.

Kawasaki Mule pro is one of the best budgets UTV in its line of UTVs. It is small and stylish as well. The Kawasaki Mule pro gives a smooth performance along with better fuel management system. The UTV comes with a 695cc 4-stroke engine that is liquid-cooled having a single cylinder to develop all the pressure.

The Kawasaki Mule is not that powerful but it is small and fuel-efficient. The UTV comes with a maximum of 5000 RPM. The UTV has a dynamic fuel injection system that can give you better mileage and save you fuel. The UTV comes with a continuously variable transmission system with a standard clutch.

The UTV comes with an automatic transmission system and offers four shifting options, which are high, low, neutral, and reverse. The UTV has an electronic power steering that enables you to drive your UTV through sharp turns without wasting your force. The electronic power steering makes it easy for you to drive your UTV efficiently for a longer time without getting tired.

The UTV has a differential locking feature that enables you to select between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive options. The UTV also has an engine braking system that enhances your control over the vehicle. Kawasaki Mule has a double-wishbone suspension on each side of the vehicle. The front suspension has 8.6-inches of travel in it, whereas the rear suspension has 9.1-inches of travel in it.

The Kawasaki mule comes with a set of independent disc brakes that is better for stopping the vehicle in any urgency. The front disc brakes are dual-piston calipers whereas the rear disc brakes are single-piston calipers. The UTV has a ground clearance of 10.6-inches. Kawasaki mule has a big fuel tank that can store up to 36-liters of fuel.

The cargo bed of the UTV supports up to a maximum weight of 317 kilograms, whereas it can tow a maximum weight of 680 kilograms. It comes with halogen and LED headlights. The combination of two different headlights gives you a better view at night. As it is a small UTV, the seating capacity is only for two people.

Now, there is time to tell you about the length, width, and height of the UTV. The UTV is 110-inches long, 60-inches wide and 74.4-inches in height. The specifications are for the stock model of Kawasaki mule Pro-MX EPS, and it can vary after customizations and special orders. The UTV has a multifunction display that shows all the information regarding the vehicle such as; speed, RPM, temperature and many other types of warning indicators.

The Kawasaki Mule pro comes with a 3-years limited warranty, that enables you to drive carefree and enjoy their facilities.

Cub Cadet Challenger MX 750 EPS

The cub cadet comes in the category of small UTVs that are powerful but small in size. The cub is one of those side by side that are smaller in size but can bear greater workload. The MX 750 comes with a 735cc engine that can produce 37.5 horsepower.

An electronic fuel injection system is used in the UTV for an efficient fuel average. The fuel capacity of the side by side is more than 28-liters, not a large fuel tank but an average one. The transmission that is used in the UTV is a continuous variable transmission system. It comes with an automatic transmission to provide a smooth drive.

The UTV enables you to select between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. It comes with a heavy-duty bumper on the front to save you and your vehicle from any damage if somehow you hit anything. LED headlights are used in the UTV. It gives a comfortable adventure because it comes with bench seats.

The seats also have a cupholder in the center. The UTV has standard side mirrors, and it comes with a roof to save your head from direct sunlight. There are turn signals on the UTV. It is an overall package. The UTV has a payload capacity of 544 kilograms and can carry a maximum load of 226 kilograms in its cargo bed. It has a standard winch that can be used to tow it whenever it breaks down.

The cargo bed comes with tie-downs on each corner so you do not need to worry about your stuff that is left on the cargo bed. You can tire down your items or stuff on the bed and drive without worrying about the things placed in the cargo bed. It has coil-over shocks filled with gas that are dual A-arm independent.

These shocks are adjustable according to your requirement. The UTV comes with four-wheel disc brakes. The tires are strong and are killer for off-road driving. It has another interesting safety function that you must know. When you are not wearing any seat belt, the vehicle reduces its speed. The UTV contains the axle guards that are used to protect the axles from hitting anything strong enough to break the axle.

The maximum speed of the UTV is 70 kilometers per hour. The UTV is a standard size UTV. It is 117-inches long, 61.7-inches wide, and 76.7-inches high. That means it can go to smaller places but not that small. It also comes with an electronic power steering that makes it a smoother ride. The cub cadet challenger MX 750 EPS comes with a 1-year warranty.

Kymco UXV 700i

The Kymco UXV 700i comes with a 695cc engine. The engine has a liquid cooling technology. It gives you the option to select between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. The UTV comes with an automatic transmission, which is an automatic continuously variable transmission. The CVT gives a smooth shifting experience.

Kymco UXV has four gear options, which are low, high, neutral, and reverse. The UTV has dual A-arm suspension in its front wheels. But front suspension comes with better clearance, whereas the rear suspension comes with a standard control rear arm. It comes with disc brakes that are operational with hydraulic phenomenon.

The brakes are braided with steel lines. The shocks that are used in the UTV are filled with gas, and they are adjustable according to your needs. It has LED headlights that supports high and low beam light. It contains a hitch to mount a trailer. The UTV contains a cargo bed that has a cargo capacity of 200 kilograms. It is among the Best Small-Sized UTV for 2020.

The Kymco UXV 700i can tow up to the maximum weight of 545 kilograms. The cargo bed that is used in the UTV can be tilted for better use. Cup-holders are included in the UTV. It facilitates your drive with everything that it has. The UTV has high seats in bucket style with further adjustment options.

The glove box can be used to put your small items and store them in the lock. The UTV comes with power steering. Power steering in the UTV is operated electrically. It has a nice speedometer with a nice display and backlit. The cluster shows all the information regarding gear, fuel, temperature and many other types of useful information like warning lights, etc. it contains 2-wheel, 4-wheel and differential lock indicator, Beam indicator, fault indicator, and clock. The UTV is an average option.

How to check if your side by side UTV has an EPS (electronic power steering)?

All the mentioned UTVs come with power steering, but some of you may not want to go through any of the mentioned options. You may want to buy any other UTV but cannot find out if that UTV is electronic power steering or not.

Well, we are here to provide you enough knowledge to find out whether it has a power steering or not. The first thing to know is that when you are buying the UTV from a dealer or a sales center, you can easily ask the dealer whether the UTV contains the EPS of not. The salesman will give you all the information.

When you are buying or selecting the UTV to buy second hand from a person or a market, and you do not trust the person giving you information about the UTV. You can determine that the UTV has a power steering or not by checking in the following ways:

Do not start the UTV and try to tilt the steering when the UTV is switched off. After tilting the steering when the UTV is switched off, start the UTV and then tilt the steering and determine the difference between the amount of force that you had to apply in both cases.

If the steering was harder to tilt when the side by side was switched off, then it may contain the power steering. When you switched on the UTV and the steering became smooth to operate and you do not have to apply too much force instead of applying greater force when the UTV was switched off then the UTV has a power steering.

Another way to check if the UTV has a power steering is that you can pen up the front hood and check to look for an electric motor connecting the steering rod. If there is no motor in the way of steering shaft, then the steering is not a power steering.

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