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What is the Average Price of an ATV?

What is the Average Price of an ATV?

There are many beautiful and stylish modes of transport in the world. Transportation has risen rapidly in recent years. People use to travel on horses and camels a few times back. But now the time and means of transport are moderated and refurbished.

ATVs can cost between $1900 and $18000depending on the features and year of manufacturing. The average price for Utility AVTs is between $5000 and $17000. Youth ATVs are comparatively cheap and start from $2000.

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle. It is a very stylish and funky ride. It has four low-pressure tires and specially designed seats, which is very comfortable for the driver. It has a remarkable steering control and brilliant suspension, which makes it ideal for off-roading.

The ATV is widely used for off-roading and used in hilly areas where regular vehicle fails to perform or survive in extreme conditions. These ATV’s are high-quality vehicles that give you the ultimate driving experience on uneven sites. These ATV’s are pricy and reliable. The prices of ATV’s are usually high because of their specifications and features.

They have outstanding shocks and suspension with a powerful engine, which makes it run like a bullet in the bumpy roads. Higher the specifications of the ATV, the higher the price of the ATV. The best thing about the ATV is that it is a 4×4 wheel drive that lets you drive comfortably in the dessert or hilly areas.

What is the Average Price of an ATV?

When you are going to purchase an ATV, you should keep in mind that ATVs are costly than cars. You have to spend a handsome amount of money on buying it. Its price is different from other vehicles. The prices of ATVs vary due to their features and specifications like engine, horsepower, suspension, etc.

Moreover, the amount of ATVs also depends on its types and models. These are high performing machines and are costly. The price determination of different kinds of ATVs is as follows.

Here is the comparison chart that explains the average price of ATVs:

ATV  Engine   Features Retail Price
APEX 450F 450 CC Fuel-injected engine, excellent suspension, DOHC 4-stroke engine, stylish design. $13,000
CAN-AM RENEGADE 1000 R 976 CC 4×4 ATV, Liquid-cooled, V-twin engine, HGP Shocks, CVT transmission, and elegant design. $11,249
CAN-AM RENEGADE X XC 1000 R 976 CC 12” cast bead lock wheels, Liquid-cooled with EFI, Dynamic power steering. $13,749
CAN-AM OUTLANDER X MR 570 570 CC Radiator on handlebar, V-twin engine, Excellent in mud and water. $8459
HONDA TRX250X 229 CC Sport Clutch technology, Liquid-cooled, OHV 4-stroke engine, 2.5 gal gas tank. $4699
POLARIS SCRAMBLER XP 1000 952 CC Liquid-cooled, EFI 4-stroke engine, Disc brakes, and excellent suspension. $13,299
POLARIS SPORTSMAN XP 1000 952 CC Lower gears, Snorkel kits, V-twin engine, and High-class suspension. $13,299
YAMAHA YFZ450R 449 CC Fuel-injected engine, Dual A-Arm suspension, 4-stroke, beautiful design. $8,999
YAMAHA RAPTOR 700 686 CC Adjustable Reservoir type shocks, Liquid-cooled, 4×4 wheels drive. $7,999
ARGO XR 500 503 CC Electronic power steering, Aluminum wheels, Heavy duty bumpers, Excellent in water. $5,999
YAMAHA RAPTOR 90 90 CC Four-stroke engine with automatic CVT, Built-in throttle limiter with beautiful design. $2,899
YAMAHA FZ 250 49 CC Single cylinder, Air-cooled and carbureted, electric start with beautiful design. $2,099
SUZUKI QUADSPORT Z50 49 CC Air-cooled, Single cylinder, four-stroke, and Dual drum brakes. $1,999
POLARIS OUTLAW 110 112 CC Single A-arm suspension, 6” rear suspension, four-stroke, and stylish design. $3,099
KYMCO MONGOOSE 90S 89 CC Smooth CV transmission, Spring preload adjustments, and stylish design. $2,499
KAWASAKI KFX90 89 CC Single A-Arm type front suspension, solid rear axle, Beautiful look, and nice throttle. $2,599
HONDA TRX90X 86 CC Auto clutch, four-stroke, Air cylinder, Dual sealed drum brakes. $3,049
HISUN AXIS 110 108 CC Electronic starting system, Hydraulic disc brakes, Air-cooled. $2,099
SPORTSMAN BIGBOSS 6×6 570 EPS 576 CC Beautiful sporty ATV, Six wheel drive, Excellent suspension. $10,999
POLARIS SPORTSMAN TOURING X2 570 EPS 567 CC Beautiful design, Rear seat, Power steering, AWD system. $9,799

Average Price range for Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs are magnificent and reliable machines. You can use them for fun and work. You can use this machine for both purposes. Let us take a quick look at the price of utility ATVs.

  • 420cc – 475cc

 The average price of utility ATVs for 420cc to 475cc is starting from $5,000 to $6,000, which is very good for these machines.

  • 570cc – 670cc

 The average price of utility ATVs for 570cc to 670cc is starting from $6,000 to $8,000. You will have to pay an extra $1,000 or $2,000, which is $11,000 for the premium utility models.

  • 850cc

 The average price of Utility ATVs for 850cc is starting from $9,000 to $10,000, which is costly. If you want to buy the premium model of utility ATV, then you have to pay an extra $2,000 to $3,000, which is $13,000.

  • 1000cc

 The average price of utility ATVs for 1000cc is starting from $12,000 to $13,000. If you are planning to buy 1000cc premium utility ATV you have to pay $14,000 to $15,000. You will enjoy the advanced features of this premium machine.

Price range for Sports ATV

ATVs have different types and classifications. They are not ordinary vehicles and used for special purposes. Sports ATV is the best category of the ATVs. These machines are powerful and ensure high performance and durability.

Sports ATVs are famous in sports, and you can also enjoy the ride on hilly areas, dunes, and rough places. Sports ATVs are expensive and stylish than the normal ATVs. Their price range is as follows.

  • 450cc – 570cc

 The average price of normal sports ATV of 450cc – 570cc is starting from $7,500 to $8,500. If you want to purchase the premium ATV of the same horsepower, then you have to pay the additional $2,000 that is $10,500, in which you can enjoy all the premium features.

  • 650cc – 850cc

 The average price of the normal sports ATV of 650cc – 850cc is starting from $8,000 to $10,000. For having the full specification premium sports ATV, you have to pay an additional$ 1,000 that is $11,000. You will enjoy the features of this premium ATV.

  • 1000cc

 The average price of this super-fast 1000cc sports ATV is starting from $11,000 to $13,000. The premium sports ATV is much expensive than the normal sports ATV. If you want to purchase it, then its price for you would be $14,000 to $15,000.

Price range for Youth ATVs

ATVs are stunning and engaging rides. Youth ATVs are for the kids usually. They are not much fast, and kids can ride them easily and enjoy themselves. Youth ATVs are economical and are inexpensive as compared to other ATVs. The price range for Youth ATVs is as follows.

  • 50cc – 70cc

 The average price of this Youth ATV is starting from $2,000 to $2,500, which is very good and affordable. The premium Youth ATV also has the same prices. You can enjoy this beautiful machine at affordable prices.

  • 90cc – 110cc

 The average price of these ATVs is starting from $27,00 to $33,00. If you want to enjoy the premium ride, you have to pay extra for it that is from $3,000 to $37,00, which is very good for the premium ride.

  • 200cc – 250cc

The average price for this category ATVs is starting from $43,00 to $47,00, and for the premium wheels, the price would be the same. You can enjoy the premium ride within this price.

Factors responsible for high prices of ATVs

Due to the high competition of vehicles in the market, car producing companies have increased the costs of their products. ATVs are the premium machines that work on roads and also used in off-roading or rough places. People are also using it for agricultural purposes.

Ever think why the prices of these vehicles are so high? There are several reasons for the hike in the prices of ATV. These are high-class products and have distinctive specifications. Some of the reasons for the high rates of ATVs are as follows.


ATVs are amazing and powerful machines. They are in demand and appreciated by people all around the globe. The price of the ATV is very high. One of the reasons which affect the price of this machine is its design. ATVs have many shapes and designs.

Every year the manufacturers introduce new and stylish designs for the ATV lovers. The unique and smart design is better than the previous one, and people get crazy about it. With the original model, the price of the ATV gets high. No matter what the cost would be, the ATV lovers would buy it for sure.


Technology is advancing rapidly nowadays in the world. We see new and advanced things every year. This advanced technology is used in everything, whether its automobile industry, mobile phones, farming, etc. One of the most significant factors that affect the price of ATV is the technology.

Every year the company launches the new model of ATV with advanced technology. This technology is better than the previous one that causes a hike in the price of ATV. The advanced technology in the ATV makes it more useful and comfortable for the rider and has many beautiful features and specifications. 

Build Material

Build material is essential for any product in the world. The quality of the product depends on the build material. If you use the quality material, your product will be durable and of top quality. Building material is also responsible for the hike in the prices of the ATV.

These materials include fiber, aluminum, steel, and leather, etc. Manufacturers tried their best to provide you the high-class ATV every year. For that, they use new and advanced material that results in the hike of price. Moreover, it is imperative to check the build material of the ATV before purchasing it.

Engine Capacity

Engine capacity is the first thing that you noticed while purchasing the new wheels. There are many types of ATVs available in the market. These ATVs include sports, youth, and utility ATVs. The most expensive ATV among them is sports ATV then utility ATV and youth ATV in the last. The price range of them is different from each other due to their engine capacity.

Higher the engine capacity higher the price of ATV. Engine capacity affects the cost of ATVs. The performance of the ATV depends upon the engine capacity. Low engine capacity ATVs will not perform well as compared to the high engine capacity ATVs.

4×4 or 6×6 

There are many factors which affect the price of the ATVs. Prices of these ATVs depend upon the features and specifications. ATVs are compelling and stylish vehicles. The specialty of the ATVs is its 4×4 or 6×6 wheel drive, which makes it extremely powerful and competent in hilly areas and rough places.

One of the main reasons which affect the price of ATV is its this feature. Sport ATV lovers love this feature and are crazy about it. 4×4 or 6×6 wheel drive lets you ride freely in extreme conditions, and people love to do that.


When we are going to purchase any vehicle in the market, we usually select the car according to our favorite color. Color is responsible for the hike in the prices of any car. Color also affects the cost of the ATVs. The color in demand will be more significant in the amount like black and white.

ATV lovers are crazy about purchasing their favorite ATV with their favorite color. They don’t care to pay extra bucks for getting their ideal colored ATV.


When we purchase any vehicle, the first thing we do is to get our wheels insured as soon as possible. Insurance is essential for any car. If the car is insured, the driver will get services or cash from the insurance company. Insurance is also responsible for the hike in the price of the ATV.

Insurance of ATV is much costly than any other vehicle because the ATV does off-roading, and it also runs in extreme conditions. You cannot get the replaced ATV if it gets damaged so that you have to buy it at any cost.


Many factors cause an increase in the price of the ATV. Among them, the ATV model year is a big reason for the hike in prices of ATVs. The manufacturing year of ATV is crucial. The price will go up or down due to the year of the manufacture of the ATV.

The year of production will determine the actual worth of the ATV. Price adjustment gets finalized according to the features and specifications of the ride. Keep your check on the model number of ATV if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

Final Words

Due to the massive progress in the industries, there is grand competition in the market. There are numerous things in the market, and it is very challenging to pick the best option among them. ATVs are expensive wheels with a hilarious ride.

There are a lot of ATVs in the market but choose the right one according to your budget; this information will help you a lot. Grab your ATV and flow on hilly areas and enjoy it.

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