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What to Wear When Riding an ATV?

What to Wear When Riding an ATV?

Riding an ATV can be quite tricky especially for those who are new riders. One main thing that is somewhat ignored is the type of costume you wear while riding your vehicle.

The costume you wear may vary depending on what type of place you are cruising into. For example, you would have to wear light clothes in a desert and some heavy clothes if you chose to ride in a snowy area.

The basic things you need to wear for ATV riding are good quality gloves, long sleeve shirts, not so lousy jeans, a pair of goggles, boots, protection gear with a helmet for extra protection.

What to Wear When Riding an ATV?

The main purpose is to provide you with maximum protection and comfortability. The ride on an ATV can be bumpy which may lead to an accident so you have to be dressed in a way that can resist that accident leaving you with no major injury.

So let’s discuss these items with more detail about their type and usage. As we already mentioned that the climatic conditions and type of place you are going will be a varying factor in choosing your costume.

Wear Helmet

A helmet is a necessity in all types of conditions. It will protect your skull, face, and chin from any hazard. Now there are two types of helmets commonly.

  • Open-faced helmet
  • Closed/Moto cross-type helmet

An open-faced helmet is a good option when you are going into a warm desert area or a beach. They are open from the chin side and helpful for those who feel suffocation wearing the closed helmet.

But on the other hand, these helmets are vulnerable and do not give you full protection especially if you are in the woods.

These helmets won’t be able to protect your chin or face from wild bushes as the closed helmets will do. So it is best to use them if you are a skilled driver on a sandy or snowy land.

The Closed helmets provide full protection to your skull, face, and chin. These helmets come with a cover for dust and sun protection.

The advantage of these helmets is that they provide extra protection to your face even when the impact is great.

The only drawback of these helmets is that they are too tight and snug when bought new, and they can be quite perspiring in hotter climates.

Long Boots for ATV Riding

Now, this is the important part because riding an ATV requires a lot of foot and ankle strength and balance so it is necessary to wear suitable boots.

First of all, you must wear boots that are long enough to protect your ankles. The ATV provides protection to your feet but sometimes it’s not quite enough and injuries may happen.

Another advantage of long boots is that it will save your feet from excess heat generated from the engine or sunburns.

They also protect your feet from rocks and sticks that can impact hardly when you are riding faster.

It is recommended to buy boots specially made for Quad bikes as they provide a better grip and tread. Or alternatively you can use your normal hiking boots as well.


It may seem unnecessary but gloves are important as they protect your hands from the bushes and needle-like twigs.

They will also protect your hands from severe sunburns if you are in a high-temperature area, likewise, they will protect our hands from cold too.

Another big benefit of wearing gloves is that it does not let our hands go sore due to the frequent use of handlebar and rubbing on to it. It saves our hands from getting blisters.

They also save you from irritation caused by constant vibration of the handles during the ride. So you must wear some thick gloves and if they have steel knuckle protection then just go for it.


Most of the people would like to prefer wearing shorts on a hiking trip but it would be a bad idea if you are wearing it on an ATV ride.

You must wear such a fabric that protects you from heat and also withstand severe cuts and bruises in case you fall off your quad bike.

Jeans are a perfect match to wear because their rough fabric can help you prevent any mishap. Moreover, they are full sleeves which give you maximum protection over the legs.

Wearing sweat pants is not a recommended option because their fabric might not be able to tackle the sharp twigs and thorns.

Alternatively, you can use pants which are made from canvas fabric that are both comfortable and safe to use while going on trails.


Usually, a long-sleeved shirt is preferred to wear on ATV rides as they do not protect you from the bulleting twigs and rocks but also from the scorching heat of the sun.

If the weather is hot then prefer a shirt that is sweat-absorbent as sweat can be a quite discomforting factor while riding a quad bike on hot summers.

On the other hand, if the weather is cold and harsh then you must opt for a sweatshirt, a sweater or a jacket that will protect you from getting cold.

You can use a synthetic jersey that will do well in these weather conditions. Buy one with elbow pads. They will prevent the moisture of rain or snow to a great extent.

If you do not want to wear a jersey then you can go for a jacket as well. There are many jackets available in the market designed especially for ATV users and dirt bike riders.

These types of jackets provide armored protection for our shoulders, chest, spine, and elbows. They are light and let the rider breathe through.

If you do not have these jackets then you can go for a good jacket that does not let you get wet during rains and snows.


If you are a bike rider you already know the importance of goggles. A helmet is great but it does not provide the maximum protection to our eyes, we need goggles for that.

A goggle will protect your eyes from direct UV rays protection. In addition to that, they prevent dust and other particles from entering into our eyes.

They also protect our eyes from tiny insects that can cause severe irritation to eyes when they hit us with great speed, which is very common in spring and summers.

Goggles designed for biking sports can come with various features that you might consider depending on your budget.

The best Motocross goggles come with additional features like sweat resistant, scratch proofing, anti-fog, and enhanced vision.

Protection gear

If you are a rough rider and want to give extra protection to your body then you should go for protective gear.

The protection gear protects your chest, abdomen, spine, and ribs from any mishap that can lead to fractures from any accidents.

The protection gear is usually a light weighted armor suit that tightens up according to your body and can withstand a good impact.

The protection gear can be used in both hot and cold weather as it is basically made of foam and plastic which lets you air and oxygen through.

If you are hiking through the hills then you must consider wearing the protective gear due to the sudden impact of things like stones, twigs and wild insects.

So if you can afford to buy a protection gear then you should go for it, it’s a good investment.

Neck protection

The neck is one of the most delicate parts of our human body must be protected. Those who are extreme ATV riders are aware of this fact that neck is so important to cover.

A neck brace is the best option to go for in order to protect your neck. It covers the neck, shoulders, and back of the neck including part of the spine.

It basically reduces a sudden impact that can crack our neck and transfer it to the lower areas such as a chest that can bear the impact.

Those who are new riders must use both the protection gear and neck braces, as together they can join to provide you full fledge protection against an unpleasant situation.


ATV rides are pleasant. You see the sunrays dancing above the rustling leaves. But this sun can be not so good for your skin.

It is necessary to use sunscreen before going out in the open sun as the UV rays are quite harmful and their penetration in the skin can lead to skin cancer and other skin infections.

The sunscreen will also prevent your skin from sunburns which is very common in tropical areas. One must apply sunscreen even in winters because sun rays are vulnerable in every season.

For best sun protection, apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going out for a ride so it can absorb into the skin thoroughly and do its work.

Professional tips for Selecting Clothes and Safety Gear for ATV Riding

Here are some additional tips that must be taken into consideration regarding your clothing in an ATV ride.

No cotton

Avoid wearing anything made out of cotton because it can be a poor resistant against wind, cold, hot and rain. You do not want to mess your body in such conditions.

Have backup clothes

Always have additional clothes with you in case of any emergency happens.

Dress in layers

Dress in layers, the inner layer must be light, sweat absorbent and lets the air through. Meanwhile, the outer layer should be thick and tough.

Windproof and waterproof

The outer layer must be able to withstand gusts of wind and should be waterproof.

Vision must not be compromised

Always wear a helmet that does not block your vision. Your goggles also must provide maximum visibility and enhanced vision.

Type of pants

Prefer using trekking or ski pants as they are more wind and rain resistant than normal pants.

Choose the right fabric

Wear clothes having the polypropylene fabric as they are less expensive and provide more warmth to the body in cold temperatures.

Shorts? No!

Do not wear shorts or half sleeve clothes even during summers while riding on your ATV. The twigs and rocks feel like bullets when they come at a very fast pace on our skin.

Ankles first

PROTECT YOUR ANKLES! Your boots must be high enough to cover your ankles as broken ankles are a common thing for people riding the ATV.

Laces are a mess

Prefer boots that come with straps instead of laces as laces of boots can get stuck and cause damage.

Save your spine

Use gear protection that provides extra protection to your spine.

Final words

Well, your safety must be the utmost priority of yourself when you go on trips like these. It’s all fun and adventurous only if you choose the right clothing.

So the best solution is to wear maximum protection, comfortable riding and above all drive safely so that your ride would become pleasing.

Good day!

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