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Why Do ATVs Use Thumb Throttles?

Why Do ATVs Use Thumb Throttles?

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicles, which means that the vehicle can go on many types of terrain roads and paths where simple vehicles face difficulty. ATVs are powerful and stable off-road vehicles. ATVs are operated like motorcycles, but they are different in many aspects like having thumb throttles.

I love to ride my ATV and use the thumb throttle for maintaining the speed of my ATV.

If you ride a motorcycle most of the time, then you will be able to understand the working of an ATV easily. ATVs are designed for off-road riding, which means that they can handle big jumps, bumps, and muddy areas. They have a set of efficient suspensions which serve their required purpose.

ATVs have thumb throttles because of following reasons:

  1. Control
  2. Mobility
  3. Safety
  4. Jumps

Thumb throttle helps ATV rider a better control and grip when off-road. Thumb throttles is a must for every ATV,

The ATVs are manufactured in two types: three-wheel ATV and four-wheel ATV. Six-wheel ATVs are also manufactured, but they have a special purpose, and they are not very common. ATVs have many applications in our life. Some people use ATVs as their hobby because they love the type of vehicle.

Some people use ATVs for hunting. People who use ATVs for hunting have a special backpack to carry their gear, and they go to the forest on their ATV because it is quick and easy. It is better to use if you are in danger, and you need to get away during your hunt. It can go through several jumps, and you will not be affected.

Why Do ATVs Use Thumb Throttles?

There is a main difference between motorcycles and ATVs, which forces the manufacturers of ATVs to use stock thumb throttle. Motorcycles and ATVs are different in many ways. They are even different when we need to take a sharp turn.

If you are a regular motorcycle rider, you must have known that you do not tilt the handle when you are taking a long turn on your motorcycle. Instead, you lower your whole motorcycle and yourself towards the turn. That’s how they both are very different vehicles in many aspects.

There can be many reasons for ATVs to use thumb throttle instead of twist throttle. But the most common and authentic reasons that we think were necessary for the manufacturer to install thumb throttle on the ATV are discussed in detail.

The reasons seem to be just words for us, but these little words play an important role in the safety of the riders. The world loses so many lives when the factor of safety is compromised in any field of life. So, manufacturers give a large part of their concern towards safety.

ATVs Have Better Control with Thumb Throttles

The matter of control in riding an ATV is an essential thing to take care of. Now, the question is, the ATVs are operated on more than two wheels. When the vehicle is operated on more than two wheels, it is always a stable vehicle, unlike a two-wheel motorcycle.

So, the manufacturers have made ATV a stable ride for off-road riders. As motorcycles and ATVs are different vehicles and serve a different purpose, they are different in architecture. The difference in architecture also includes a difference in throttle.

As you want to know about why ATV use a thumb throttle instead of twist throttle. The answer is a little bit tricky, but you have to concentrate on that. So, let us tell you the reason for twist throttle in motorcycles first. It is about the riding technique of the motorcycle. When you are riding the motorcycle, you will notice that your right hand is never tired even you twist the throttle again and again.

Your right hand never comes in contact with anything no matter how much force you apply or how badly you try to give throttle to your bike. When you take sharp turns while continuously using the throttle of your motorcycle, your right hand with which you are using the throttle is never disturbed. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind this scenario is?

The reason is when you give throttle your motorcycle, you are always sitting on your motorcycle, and you are not moving your arms roughly. You only tend to move your whole body along with the motorcycle. You never tilt the handle of your motorcycle when you need to take a turn while riding. If you move the handle while riding, you will fall from the motorcycle.

So, twist throttles are best for motorcycles as they are a way of stabling and controlling motorcycles efficiently. Because your arms are not moving while taking a turn, which proves that it is fine to use twist throttle on motorcycles. Whereas ATVs do not work in this way. They have a different way of handling.

When you are riding on the ATV, and you are taking turns, you never try to bend yourself or the ATV towards the turn. You always tilt the handle of the ATV; because,for this reason, the manufacturers came up with the idea of thumb throttles. If you still use twist throttle, you may have been hurting your wrist if you are riding for a long time.

Using a twist throttle on ATVs also decreases your control on the ATV while taking turns because you will lose the throttle if you are facing bumps and many more reasons like that. So, it is better to use thumb throttles for better control and smoothness.


People drive ATVs for fun, and they see it as a hobby, and people try to be the best in what they do as a hobby. So, to be the best in their hobby, they need to do things which are tiring and require some work to be accomplished.

Riding an ATV on rough places is never a silent and peaceful time. You always have to put force in your ride, and you always have to adjust and balance yourself on the ATV. You have to go through rough places, you have to go through jumps, you have to take sharp turns, and sometimes you have to do stunts. ATV must have a thumb throttle for a better riding experience.

When you do stunts, you always have to balance yourself along with a control on the wheels. If you think for a while if all the activities could be done with a twist throttle, what would be the scenario? What could happen?

If you are doing a wheelie and you are balancing the handles, weight, and throttle, then if you use the twist throttle, you may unbalance your ATV and may get into a serious accident. But if you do that with a thumb throttle, you will not need to use your whole arm. In this way, you are always balanced.

When you are taking sharp turns, and you, again and again, need to move the handle while holding the throttle in an exact position, it will be difficult without a thumb throttle. You will, again and again, lose the throttle, which will create the irregular motion of the ATV, which is not acceptable. Having thumb throttles is always beneficial ATVs.

So, you will be able to use a thumb throttle and will be able to move however you want because you do not have to move your whole arm for a throttle. Thumb throttle is a beneficial way to ride the ATV because it gives us many advantages.


Your safety is never compromised by the company when it comes to the protocols and architecture of the ATV. The manufacturer always goes for innovative ideas to increase the safety measures as high as they can. Twist throttles were never safe for ATV riders because people faced many accidents and serious injuries due to the twist throttles.

Every rider knew about it but never noticed it as a game-changer. But now, manufacturers have realized their mistake and they are going for the better solution for your safety. In the present time, the ATV manufacturers have left the twist throttle in the past. They do not use twist throttles in their ATVs.

The ATV manufacturers know that how they can build a better machine that is not dangerous for any individual in the country. The safety factor in riding the ATV with a thumb throttle comes in many ways because the most common factor is the stability of your arms and the throttle.

As we discussed before, the rider needs to tilt the handle to take a turn, otherwise he cannot move the ATV. And tilting the handle cannot be done correctly while using a twist throttle. Many people fell off from the ATV while doing sharp turns because twist throttle loosen their grip on the ATV. When the ATV rider is doing any stunt for a movie scene or anything else, it is obvious how a thumb throttle is easier and safe to operate.

So, when there comes a safety factor, the manufacturer always notices that and make arrangements for necessary changes. Thumb throttles are a gift to the ATVs as they must be maintained in the system to keep the riders safe.


It is impossible if you are riding your UTV off-road, and you are not facing jumps on the track. ATVs are designed to handle jumps but it also requires some work by the rider to continue the ride. If the rider does not cooperate with the ATV while riding through the rough track, the rider can get hurt.

Small jumps will never bother you while riding on ATV, but when it goes through bigger jumps, it requires some of the work from your side. Jumps can sometimes be annoying and unhealthy but you must know how to handle them and how to be okay with it.

Now, let us suppose the scenario of jumps. Suppose you are going through a path where there are so many jumps and bumps on the track, and you need to stand on the ATV again and again. You are standing, again and again, to save yourself from jerks because you are in a hurry and cannot slow down.

In that case, if you are using a twist throttle and you are standing, again and again, you will lose grip on the throttle and will end up giving irregular throttle to your ATV. Irregular riding can unbalance the ATV and you may fall on the ground.

Sometimes, there comes a scenario when you have to cross the jumps and also turn your vehicle. In that case, you can never lose your grip on the handle because when you use a twist throttle, you will always loosen your grip unintentionally.

But when you use a thumb throttle. You will not be able to loosen the grip in any case unless the jumps are too high.

You can always adjust the thumb throttle according to your grip, but you can never adjust the twist throttle according to the grip. You can adjust the twist throttle according to the movement of the arm. So, do not remove the thumb throttle because this is for your good.

Final Words:

People who love to ride ATVs use it for fun. Some people like to do stunts on their ATV, and for this purpose, they build a nice track on the back of their farm to do stunts and drifts. People specially buy ATVs with more power to improve their stunts and game. Thumb throttles helps in riding ATVs.

The ATVs are ranged from 50cc to 999cc of engine power, and there are various varieties and models for your likings. So, you can choose whichever ATV you like. You must be wondering about how ATVs are different than the motorcycle? Well, there is a significant difference between them, which is that the ATVs have more than two tires and motorcycle have two.

ATVs use a throttle technology that motorcycles do not use, which is thumb throttle. Motorcycles use twist throttle, whereas ATVs you thumb throttle, which can be tricky for you to operate if you are a regular motorcycle rider.

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