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Why do bikers put bells on their motorcycles?

Some people put bike bells on their motorcycles. They are necessary not only for your safety but also for the others on your path. They can be used to announce your presence on the road and to clear your way. The sound of this bell is so loud that you do not have to speak while driving to clear your path. 

Why do bikers put bells on their motorcycles? Many bikers add bells on their motorcycles to show their presence, to ward off harmful spirits, and as a good luck sign. These are also known as Guardian bells or Gremlin bells. It is considered to be a bell that captures the evil spirits.

Most of the people use it for their safety. Keeping a bike bell keeps them safe from the evils and protects them from any external harm or injuries. It keeps away the unusual problems that occur in the machines.

You can use these bells for designing your motorcycle. It is very common in the modern age. In some states, it is a law to put bells on your motorcycle. As a rule of thumb, you should not buy a bike bell for yourself as it is a sign of bad luck. Its powers are activated when it is given by another rider, but it’s not true. 

The truth is if you buy it on your own, it will work, but if it is gifted to you, its powers would be doubled. It must be attached to the lowest part of the frame because low hanging bells captures the gremlin immediately. If you steal someone’s Gremlin bell, its powers will not work and will not be able to capture the spirits in it. 

Why do bikers put bells on their motorcycles?

It is a religious faith of the bikers that this bell protects them from demons. You should remove it when you sell your bike. These bells are made up of alloyed metal which is anti-corrosive and does not rust. It is a fun tradition to put bells on your motorcycle and is common in the Harley community. 

Other touring bike riders also take part in it. Gremlin Bell is a way to welcome a new rider to the community. They say that a rider who has the bell has the most dominant blessing of all.

Bikers add Bells to Announce their Presence

Just like bike lights, bike bells are also essential for your safety. It not only keeps you safe but also the other riders on the road to avoid different problems such as accidents. These bells play an essential role in communicating while driving on busy roads. It is a safer way to pass someone instead of yelling on the road.

The bell of your motorcycle announces your presence on the road so that no one could cut you off or open their doors. If people do not use bells with their motorcycles and start yelling at each other, it will result in noise pollution and more accidents. So, you should have a bike bell; if you don’t, I suggest you buy one.

If you are driving on a mountain, it will alert the other bikers to step aside. If you are in a city, it will give signals to the other vehicles about your motorcycle’s existence. You do not have to shout to clear your path. It can also be used to warn other slower or lamer bikers that you are coming up behind them.

These bells are not expensive and are usually passed from one rider to another. If your current bell sounds ugly and is cheap, you should consider an upgrade. The sound of your motorcycle’s bell should be loud enough to be heard by another rider. Its sound shouldn’t be noisy, which could disturb others. Instead of selling your bike bells, you should give it to any other biker.

If you see people in your way while climbing a mountain and you are short of breath that saying a single word will disturb your lungs, and you are also struggling to control your motorcycle on a rocky surface that a little distraction would be dangerous, the bells are helpful to alert the people to clear your path, and there is no need to scream.

To Ward off Harmful Spirits

The bike bells are also called Guardian Bells or Gremlin Bells in the motorcycling world. It is the religious faith of the strong bikers that these bells capture the harmful and evil spirits in it to protect them and to keep them safe on the road. The spirits cause problems for you and your motorcycles while driving.

The Gremlin Bell is a simple way to ward off such spirits so that they could not harm you or damage your motorcycle. All these are superstitions but are strongly believed by the riders. It is a fun way to welcome a new rider into the community of motorcycle riders. This tradition is usually followed by the Harley Davidson community. You can add bells to your 500cc motorcycle.

The power of a motorcycle bell works if it is given to you by your brother or any other rider to ward off the evil road spirits. These spirits are the little gremlins that live on your motorcycle. These bells are hung on your undercarriage to keep the little demons away. When you are out on the road, these bells act as a symbol of remembrance or love of the person who gave it to you.

The gremlins are responsible for most of your motorcycle’s problems. Sometimes your motorcycle’s brakes fail, your turn signals stop working, the clutch is not adjusted and many other issues. These spirits cannot live in the presence of Guardian Bells because they are trapped in their hollow.

A Guardian Bell is like a friend who looks after you on the road. If you care for a friend who does not have a Gremlin Bell, you can gift him one. It is a sign of caring for and protecting your friend. Plus, it is an invitation for your friend to enter the motorcycle community. It has now become a trend to put a bell on the motorcycle even if you believe in such superstitions or not. You can also add these bells on your 4 stroke dirt bike.

For being Creative

Guardian Bells are made up of alloyed metals that are anti-corrosive and are made in the USA. These bells do not rust and provide an attractive finishing. These bells are quite expensive and are attached to your motorcycle, usually on a lower point.

Even those people who do not believe in the superstition that it captures the road spirits and protects you from them, such people also put these bells because they are trending and are in fashion. People decorate their motorcycle with them. Some people also use it to enter the community of motorcycle or Harley riders.

You can hang it at an appropriate place near the bottom of your motorcycle so that it does not interfere with your motorcycle’s moving wheel. Use a thread or leather strap to hang the bell. Tie off the thread with a double-knot tightly so that you do not lose it while driving. Cut off the excess thread or strap with the scissors. You should also install handguards on your motorcycle.

The size of a Gremlin Bell is about an inch and is preferred to be placed close to the ground because it is closer to the road gremlins. Do not put the bells behind the front tire of your motorcycle. It is because that is the place where the dirt is kicked up by the tire. You can also put it in a place where you can easily see it hanging.

To Follow the Law

Hanging bells with your motorcycle is a law in some states or countries. If you are riding without a bell, you will end up riding with the horn of the police. The motorcycle bells are mandatory not because of the superstitions, but because of showing your presence. The use of motorcycle bells is included in the driving safety rules. It is necessary to follow it, just like other rules.

If you do not have bells on your motorcycle, you would be charged by the police. This law is for your safety. If your motorcycle does not have a bell, you cannot communicate with other riders to clear your path if you are feeling difficulty in breathing. Having a motorcycle bell also reduces the number of road accidents. Every year there are about 40,000 cases of road accidents reported in the US.

Making the roads safer is not the only objective of the bells to keep you safe and protect you from any kind of injury. You also need to take care of yourself. There is a saying that God helps those who help themselves. You should be aware of the riding risks.

The law does not enforce you to hang a bell everywhere you go. You must have a bell or another device that gives an audible signal when you are on the road. This law is applied in New Jersey, New York, and Georgia. In Ohio, you cannot use a whistle or a siren instead of a bell.

As Good Luck

The motorcycle bells are considered to bring good luck to your riding life. They emit a positive energy that keeps the demons away or captures them. These bells act as a beacon for welcoming good news and to prevent the bad vibes from entering. Across religions and cultures, these bells have been hung to banish the demons or evil spirits.

If you are taking part in a motorcycle race, this bell will release positive energy and would be the reason for your luck. It will protect you from all the problems when you are on the road and will serve you as a good caring friend.

A bell with praying angel design helps to cure your illness and helps you to stay active. A bell with hearts can be gifted as a thankyou gift. To let someone remember you, you can gift a bell with crosses. The motorcycle bells are mostly gifted from and to the believer because it doubles the power of the bells.

A rider who possesses a motorcycle bell is considered to be a person who has the most powerful blessing of all. God is always with him and helps him. When you go for a long journey, these bells serve as a symbol of good luck and nostalgia. A fake Guardian Bell does not have powers. So be aware of an original and fake Guardian Bell before purchasing and relying on it.

Important things to know about adding bells on your motorcycle

The use of bells for motorcycles is not necessary. The people who believe in superstitions consider it obligatory to hang bells with their motorcycles to protect them and their vehicle from the little demons. Aside from the religious factor, some people hang these bells because of the tradition. Not only believers but non-believers also hang bells with their motorcycles.

This bell is of silver color and is enough to capture the little evil spirits of the road. These bells are not necessary if you are not driving on the road. These bells have powers just like the cross which Christians keep with them that protects them from evil spirits.

You can also hang these bells in your house and your collar along with a chain. The powers of the bell become stronger if someone gifts it to you. It is freely received by other riders without any payment. It is mostly fastened to the lowest possible point on your motorcycle and is fastened by the grantor. 

The bell should be polished all the time. Keep it away from the dust and debris. This motorcycle bell symbolizes a person to be a member of the motorcycling community even if he is a believer or not. But when you enter this community, you may be asked some questions related to your entrance in the motorcycling community. You should keep your motorcycle up to date and also replace old motorcycle seat foam.

Do not touch the bell until it is on your fellow rider’s motorcycle. There are some rules to follow, even for accepting a motorcycle bell as a gift. You cannot receive a Guardian Bell until you take a ride of at least 100 miles. It is a way to pay respect to the bells. When you are not riding the motorcycle, you can put these bells in a mason jar and cover it with a quarter of a gallon of motorcycle oil. This oil will keep the demons away.

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