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Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have a Visor?

Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have a Visor?

 Dirt bikes are different from sports or road bikes. It is clear from the name; dirt bikes are specially for off-road riding. As the dirt bikes serve a different purpose to riders, their safety and maintenance factors are also different in many aspects.

The sports or road bikes are designed to go fast, whereas the dirt bikes are designed to go through rough areas and steep tracks. Riders go through woods and muddy areas on their dirt bike to experience a lot of things and it can be a daily routine for them.

In this article, our editors have explained the amazing benefits of dirt bike helmets with a visor.

So, some of the most important and common reasons for a dirt bike helmet to have a visor are:

  1. Sun protection
  2. Water protection
  3. Protection from branches of trees.
  4. Fall protection
  5. Protection from bugs.
  6. Protection from stones and Dust

Let us explain to you how these reasons are effective and practical in real life.

Safety features for dirt bikes are different than those of sports and road bikes in some aspects. The riders wear an extra set of gear for their safety because the dirt bikes slip and drift a lot. They have to wear special shoes because they even have to use their feet sometimes to balance and take a turn.

There is another important thing that differentiates dirt bikes from regular and sports bikes is that they have a helmet with a visor. The visor is a glass mask against the face of the rider to protect the rider’s face from many things. We have a set of possible reasons to discuss with you that why do dirt bike helmets have a visor.

Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have a Visor?

The most important factor for a visor on a helmet that we understand is the safety feature of a helmet. If the helmet is not safe in every aspect, what is its use? So, visors are installed on the dirt bike helmets for safety purposes. We will explain to you the possible safety aspects of visor comprehensively.

Sun protection

When you are riding the bike in sunny weather, and your face is continuously exposed to the sunlight, then it can create major issues with your skin. It can cause photoaging, and it can cause serious infection and wrinkles.

When you are continuously exposed to UV rays of the sun, the sun can damage your skin in a harmful manner. The researches have been out in the world that the people who were more exposed to sunlight because of their work or daily routine have got wrinkles at an early age. That is why wearing a dirt bike helmet with a visor is a must.

The people who are exposed extensively to sunlight have also generated skin cancer on their bodies. Sunlight is beneficial for your skin in a way that it creates an amount of Vitamin D that prohibits many types of skin diseases.

Excess of sunlight is not beneficial for the health of your skin. So, every rider who rides during the sunny weather should take good care of their skin and should not be exposed to the sun directly. Now, you have the right reason why dirt bike helmets should have a visor. Visor is necessary for the dirt bike helmets as they completely cover your face from outside contact.

You must be wondering how can a transparent visor protect your skin from the sunlight as it passes through the transparent visor. The answer to this question is that the market is now full of aftermarket visors, which tend to give more than one function to the riders.

Some visors can change colors concerning light. Some become tinted in daylight and get transparent in the dark. If you are a regular daylight rider, you can buy a tinted visor and install it on your dirt bike helmet. If you also ride at night, then you can buy a helmet that has two visors, tilted and transparent.

There are ways to protect you from any casualty, and you only need to have some information about it. Visors are protective and safe to use when you are riding. Every rider should use them on their helmets.

Water protection

Riding scenarios can change with time and weather, but the thing that does not change is your helmet. When you are using a helmet that does not have a visor, and it starts raining. Raining can cause slippery track and you have to focus more on your way. But during the rain, the water continuously hits your face and eyes.

When water continuously hits your face and eyes, you face trouble focusing on the road because you are having difficulty in seeing the way. Many scenarios can occur with you other than the rain, and you can come in contact with direct water on your face. Wearing a dirt bike helmet with a visor helps protect your face.

You understand that casualty. It can also happen when you are riding fine, and a car tire splashes water on your face while crossing that has been in the up-down of the road. You may lose your balance and get into an accident.

So, if you have a visor on your helmet, it will protect you from water splashes, as modern visors have a technology that does not let the water stay on the visor. There it is a must to wear helmets with a visor.

There is another case where your face can come in contact with water while riding. Suppose you are going through a canal whose water level is around one foot. You try to go through the water in speed and does not want to get stuck in the canal. So, when you try to cross the canal and water splashes high enough to reach your face.

In that case, visor on your helmet will never let you get distracted from your ride. Dirt bike helmet visors are effective in a good way.

Protection from branches of trees

Riding a dirt bike off-road and balancing it is fun. Some professional dirt bike riders have made riding the dirt bike a part of their hobby. As they ride daily on their dirt bike through woods and off-road areas, they have become experts in their hobby.

But going through the woods on a dirt bike is not a piece of cake. It requires a special amount of care and expertise. When you are going through the woods, there is a large number of trees and plants on your way. Some trees have long branches that come in your way sometimes.

Riders have faced a lot of problems in the past due to these branches because some branches of trees are on the same level as the rider head. The rider’s face can hit directly to branches of trees, which can cause serious injury. Some branches are so strong that they even pull the rider away from his dirt bike, and the rider falls.

In both cases, the rider face is hit roughly by the tree, even if the branches of the tree. If the branches are flexible and you do not have a visor on your helmet, your face will get scratches and your eyes can also be damaged. But you won’t be pulled down from your bike. In such cases, it is recommended that you wear a dirt bike helmet with a visor.

But if your helmet visor, the branches of the tree will slip off the helmet and may put some scratches on the visor, but your face will be safe.

Wearing a Dirt Bike Helmet with a Visor protects from Fall

In the second case, when the branch of the tree is strong and thick, it will pull you away from your dirt bike when it hits your face. If you have a visor on your helmet during the impact, your face will not hit the branch of the tree directly, but you will fall from your bike.

Well, when you do not have a visor, in that case, you may break your nose, you may damage your eye, or break your teeth. Any casualty can happen in that time. Now, you may understand how a visor of a dirt bike helmet is effective for the safety of your face.

Protection from bugs

Dirty areas have dirt and dust all around it, whether you are going through the forest or you are going around the farm. The problem of bugs is common with all types of riders. But as dirt bikes go through dirtier places, this problem has more significance with the dirt bike riders.

They go through sandy locations, and sometimes they even climb up a mountain where there can be many types of bugs that can come in contact with the face or eyes. Some bugs sting as soon as they come in contact with anything. If any bug stings your face, you could imagine how painful that is.

How protect your face from bugs? There is a simple way to prevent your face from bugs, which is already suggested and given by the helmet manufacturers. They want the rider to choose a visor for their helmet and be safe to go to any location on their dirt bike.

Visors can protect your face from bugs but riders face another important issue because of bugs. When the bugs hit the visor of the helmet, they get stick to the visor. When you try to clean the visor, the bugs leave hard stains on the visor, and when you try to clean it harshly, it leaves scratches on the visor.

Scratches on the visor is not a good thing for a helmet because they create a rough vision for the rider. Rough vision will not help the rider to look properly, and scratches cause glare on the visor. So, we want to give a better suggestion for the problem. Always keep a good and neat cleaner for your visor.

If you do not use a visor on the helmet, then you can face some serious consequences. If any bug gets into your eye and you are riding at high speed or you are taking a turn, imagine what could happen. So, you should always be careful about this thing.

Visor Protects from dust and stones

Riders who ride dirt bikes mostly ride with a group of friends. Those who ride dirt bikes for fun and stunt have to be very careful and do precautionary measures. When the group of riders go for a spin, they all are riding close to each other. They are always overtaking and making fun of each other while riding. But they face a lot of issues while riding.

If they do not wear a visor on their helmet, all the dust and hard particles such as stones, hit their face and they are continuously distracted because of that. Visors are specifically designed to keep your face out of contact with everything that can hit your face on the track.

Let us tell you how the stones can be in contact with your face. Let us suppose you are riding your dirt bike with your group of riders, and you are doing wheelies, overtaking, and stuff. If you are at the back of your crew, then you will have a lot of tiny stones hitting your face. Why does it happen?

The answer to this question is when the tire goes through the track where the track is not hard or intact, and then the tire particles get stuck in the marks of the tire. As the tire is spinning in speed, the particles or stones do not stay on the tire and throws backward because of high pressure and speed. If you are behind that tire, then you will face stone hitting your face and body.

In that case, you should always keep your safety on priority because you can become blind for a while because of the dust and stones. So, you should never compromise your vision and for that purpose, you must have a visor on your helmet.

And because the manufacturer of dirt bike helmets know that visor on helmet is an important thing, they give visor on the helmets.

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