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Why Does My Motorcycle Battery Drain So Fast?

Why Does My Motorcycle Battery Drain So Fast?

Motorcycles function in two ways, Mechanically and electrically. Both technologies are required for a motorcycle to operate in a good way. There are many problems related to the electronic parts of the motorcycle. Some of the problems are caused due to battery.

Batteries are used in motorcycles to power the electrical appliances that are used in motorcycles. Some of the electrical appliances that are used in motorcycles are Indicators, Headlight, Taillight, Horn, speedometer, and many more.

In this article, our editors have explained the main reasons that are responsible for draining motorcycle batteries. Electrical problems are numerous when it comes to motorcycle batteries. This detailed guide will completely explain to you why your motorcycle battery drains so fast.

Following are the main reasons that make motorcycle battery drains fast:

  1. Charging issue
  2. Dead or short circuit
  3. Load problem
  4. Parasitic Draw
  5. Add on appliances

All the appliances are connected with the battery by the electrical wires. These wires are good conductors of electric current and provide a full supply to the appliance for better performance. So, you need to be more careful about the electrical system that is used in your motorcycle.

As the mechanical section of your motorcycle needs attention, the electrical section also needs a cure because it plays a big role in riding the motorcycle at night and even starting your motorcycle. You should not forget the electrical part of your motorcycle.

Why Does My Motorcycle Battery Drain So Fast?

Riders face many electrical issues in their motorcycles. Sometimes the headlight is not functioning properly, sometimes the horn is not working, sometimes the indicator is not flashing, and there are more.

One of the main problems that the motorcycle riders face is the battery of their motorcycles. All the issues of the appliances are at the priority, but when it comes to battery, it is alarming. Some motorcycles have a self-start function, and if the battery is not strong enough to support that load, it will not start your bike.

Sometimes people are worried about their bikes because they leave their bikes at night, and when they try to switch it on, they see the battery is low, and the bike will not start with the self-start option. You can also have this kind of problems. Maybe the horn of your motorcycle is only loud when you are giving your motorcycle high throttle but is not loud when you are pushing the button on idle.

To find out the problems by yourself, you may need some of the following tools:

  1. Voltage meter
  2. Amp meter
  3. Wirecutter
  4. Tape
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Plier

Charging issue in motorcycle battery

The battery mechanism in motorcycles is unique in motorcycles as compared to cars. As the battery capacity of the motorcycle is not quite great, the battery needs to continuously charge even when the lights or horn are using it. So, the motorcycle manufacturing company creates a mechanism for it to charge while the motorcycle is on the run.

They install a magnet in light motorcycles such as 70cc to 150cc, which keeps on generating electric current as we give throttle to the motorcycle. That magnet is good for the battery of the motorcycle and should always be in good condition if you do not want to kill your battery.

When you want to know that the battery is charging or not, there may be a problem with the current generator of the motorcycle. To find out if the battery is not charging, you should have a voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery. The voltage of the battery is normally 11.7 to 12 volts when it is in idle condition.

To do this, start your motorcycle and attach the points of the voltmeter to the terminal of the battery. If the charging voltage is less than 12, then there is an issue in the charging system of your motorcycle. The voltage value less than 12 means, the charging current is not coming to the battery. So, either it can be a wiring problem, or it can be the problem in the generator or magnet.

If the battery gives the voltage of 13 to 14 volts, then It is proved that there is no problem in the charging system of the motorcycle. The battery receives enough current to charge itself when it shows a voltage reading like this.

But if you see a low voltage reading and want to check further for details, there may be a broken wire that is causing the problem. You must trace out the wire that is connecting to the charging system. If it is also fine, then you must get the charging system checked by the professional in no time.

Dead short circuit

There can be many issues related to the discharging of the battery itself and not getting charged even when the motorcycle is on the run. Battery is always draining when there is even a tiny light is being turned on. But when a wire is short and is slightly connected but sparking with the wire, it can also drain the battery of your motorcycle.

But what is a dead short in the wiring or battery? As the positive terminal of the battery is also connected to the frame of the motorcycle via screw. When there is rust in between the wire and the frame, it can cause a dead short circuit. Because when the circuit is dead, the battery can never charge properly.

It can either happen by the heat of any rectifier, that could melt the wiring and cause the opposite signed current to touch the body of the motorcycle. If the circuit of the motorcycle is dead short, then you should not try to solve the problem on your own. Go to a professional electrician when you have an idea about it.

You can also look for a battery sign on the meter (if digital) when it is not charging. This problem can also kill your battery if you do not repair its charging system.

Load problem

Riders always forget about the battery when they are maintaining their bikes. The water level of acid battery should always be maintained to the requirement, but riders forget to fulfill this requirement. When the riders do not pay attention to this issue, they end up killing the battery of their motorcycles. But if the motorcycle has a dry battery, then you do not need to worry so much.

Dry batteries are the best, and they have a good life. But dry batteries also get weak when they are being used above their limit. So, be more careful about using electric items on your bike. Try to be careful about the strength of the battery.

When you install more electric items on your motorcycle, you put a load on the battery of your motorcycle, which is not good for the battery. Sometimes, putting more load is not a problem, but when you install low-quality aftermarket items, it puts a greater amount of load on the battery.

Some people love bright LED headlamps, and some like to install loud horns that need more power than the usual. All aftermarket electric items are fun to use, but you should also know that these items will also make your battery weak. Any aftermarket appliance will not affect the battery of your motorcycle in a shorter time. Rather it will decrease the lifetime of the battery.

If you want to know that your battery supports the load of all the items that you install on your motorcycle, then you must get your battery tested for load by an electrician. They take your battery through a load test and give you a result for your aftermarket items. If the battery can support all the items, then there is no problem. But if your battery is weak and cannot bear the load of all the items, then you must replace your battery because a weak battery can also stop doing self-start.

If your motorcycle cannot self-start because of the battery, you can face a lot of problems in that situation. Your technician may suggest you to remove aftermarket items if you want to increase the lifetime of your battery.

Parasitic draw

This problem is very usual with cars because they have lots of lights and electric tech installed in them. They have door light, and they have huge indicators; they have trunk light, they have bonnet light, and many more. The battery of their car is always doing problems and drain very fast due to these lights. These working lights sometimes remain on due to any malfunction and drain the battery overnight.

The scenario as mentioned above, is called a parasitic draw. In most modern motorcycles, they also install engine lights, tank lights and many more that do the same as in cars. They sometimes drain the battery of your motorcycle, and their can be any time of malfunction because of parasitic draining of the battery. The things that you don’t know are always draining your battery is the parasitic draw in your battery.

It can be fixed. For you, if you don’t like door-mounted lights or small lights like that, just get them removed, and your battery will not be drained. But if you want them, you must get them checked and assign proper switches to them. Extra electronics are always bad for the health of the battery.

People use mobile chargers on their motorcycles and leave them on their bikes. But the charger is connected to the battery in such a way that it is always draining the battery of your motorcycle, and you don’t even know it. So, always assign a proper switching system for your motorcycle appliances and get them in a proper arrangement in a professional manner.

Add-on Appliances

People use super motorcycles because they love their uniqueness and their look. Some people cannot afford costly motorcycles and fulfill their wishes on their cheap motorcycles. They install aftermarket items like headlights, indicators, neon light, led(s), flashers and many more.

All these aftermarket items need a large amount of battery backup to run in full potential. But they manage to run on average by draining the power of the battery that is available to them. In this case, the battery cannot be charged no matter if it is newly installed or if the generator of the motorcycle is working in its best condition.

The reason for this problem is that the appliances are consuming the battery more than its potential, hence all the power that is required to charge the battery is also spent in using those electronic appliances. So, try to install fewer electrical gadgets on your motorcycle or install a better battery backup in your motorcycle. Otherwise, you will always face the problem with your battery.

So, keep your battery rested when it is idle, and try to install lesser electrical appliances on your motorcycle.

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