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Why Does My Motorcycle Die When I Stop?

Why Does My Motorcycle Die When I Stop?

No matter what motorcycle you ride, you can sometimes have a problem with your motorcycle sitting in idle. You cannot ignore this kind of issue. No matter how fast you ride and you may think that you do not need to stop and wait, you can always have a traffic signal in your way where you may have to stop.

Many riders face a problem that when they stop at a traffic signal or somewhere in parking, their motorcycle engine dies. It cannot sit into idle for even ten seconds. Yes! We know it happens with you too.

Following are the main reasons for your motorcycle engine to die, whenever you stop:

  1. Low idle
  2. Sitting for a long time
  3. Dust in Carburetor
  4. Air-fuel ratio

This problem is common with people who have older motorcycles or the ones who do not tune their motorcycle on time. This can be very annoying when you want to let the motorcycle go free when you engage the clutch, but the motorcycle does not remain idle, and the engine dies.

Why Does My Motorcycle Die When I Stop?

In this article, our editors have explained all the reasons that make your motorcycle engine to die whenever you stop along with methods to fix these issues.

You try to engage the clutch and take a little bit of time to shift the gear, and you realize that the engine has died. You get very annoyed by this behavior of your motorcycle.

To fix this issue, we are discussing the main reasons for this behavior, and then we will tell you what you can do to avoid this malfunction in your motorcycle.

Let us briefly explain them one by one:

Low idle

Some mechanic tries to keep the RPM high to avoid the death of the engine whenever you stop your motorcycle. But some try to keep it low to avoid wasting your gas. Well, both are right in their place. But you should only care about what is right for you and your bike.

If you are riding your motorcycle and the engine stops when you hold the clutch while stopping, what good is this for you? How can your motorcycle save you gas when you always have to start it whenever you stop? This is neither good for you nor your motorcycle.

So, what happens when you are riding your motorcycle, and your engine dies when you stop? The answer to this question is very simple. When you stop, the RPM comes from high to low and eventually zero. When the RPM is zero, the engine cannot run and stop at once. That means that your motorcycle is not sitting idle.

When your motorcycle is not sitting idle, it means that the carburetor idle function is not adjusted properly. The idle function of the carburetor is an important and tricky part that is only adjusted by a professional who understands your motorcycle. Let us discuss how we can say that the idle of your motorcycle is not working properly.

When you are giving throttle to your motorcycle, you are using the high-speed jet of your carburetor. As a traditional carburetor uses two fuel jets, the idle jet, and the high-speed jet, when you release the throttle, the fuel does not go from the high-speed jet. When you are not giving throttle, then you are using the idle jet.

The idle jet is only to allow the engine of your motorcycle to remain in action. But when it is set to very low, then sometimes the low fuel is not enough for the engine to keep the piston running. So, when it gives very low gas, which is not enough for your engine to maintain the standard RPM.


The professional solution for this problem is that you take your motorcycle to a mechanic and ask him to increase the idle RPM and keep it between 1000 to 2000. When you adjust the RPM to 1500, the motorcycle will not shut down when you stop on a signal or anywhere.

Motorcycle Sitting for a long time

Sometimes, people buy a motorcycle and do not use it. Some prefer to use cars instead of motorcycles in their daily routine. When you leave your motorcycle for a long time and do not use it, the motorcycle starts to bother in many aspects.

Sometimes it does not even turn on when you start with a switch, and you need to charge its battery first. Sometimes it starts missing and shut down after a while. But when the engine starts running properly, it won’t stay idle. You must be wondering why does this happen? How can a motorcycle disturb you when it is not used?

The answer to these questions is that when the motorcycle is sitting for a long time, the carburetor starts to bother the performance of the engine. Even the engine oil also gets hard when it is used and then stays idle for a long time. So, when the mechanism of the motorcycle stays idle for a long time, it will bother you in many ways.

When your motorcycle engine dies when stopped, this is one of the problems that you face when you do not use your motorcycle for a long time. We will recommend you a good way to get your motorcycle running like it has been running before you left it. This method will help you get your motorcycle back to life.


When your motorcycle bothers you by dying when stopped, get your motorcycle to a mechanic and get it tuned properly. Replace the engine oil and air filter with a new one. Get your carburetor washed and tuned up properly. Get your cables and brakes oiled with mobile oil. Get everything tuned as you have never tuned before. All the things that you do, to make your motorcycle perform finely, will solve your problem if it is sitting for a long time.

Dust in carburetor can make motorcycle engine to die

When you are using your motorcycle for a long time and have not get your carburetor tuned in a while, it will impact the performance of your engine in many ways. It will start missing sometimes, and it will consume more fuel than usual. It will start to create carbon in the silencer and many more.

But your motorcycle engine is dying when you stop. It cannot maintain the idle RPM. It happens when you use low-quality fuel in your motorcycle. You may have tuned your motorcycle just a few days ago, but the engine started dying after a few days, this happens when you use a low-quality fuel or a fuel with impure dust particles.

The motorcycle will not bother you in the beginning but will start to die when you stop and hold the clutch. You must be wondering why this happens? If the motorcycle denies the impure fuel, then why does the motorcycle does not deny in the beginning?

The reason for this question is that, when you use impure fuel, the fuel when passes through the carburetor leaves dust particles in it. These dust particles get stuck in the jets of the carburetor and do not pass from the carburetor. When the dust gets stuck in the high-speed jet, the motorcycle starts doing missing and will consume more fuel than usual.

When the dust particles or impurities get stuck in the idle jet, it will stop the gas from passing through the idle jet. And when the idle jet is blocked, it will stop the motorcycle engine from running into idle mode. If you want to keep your engine running in idle mode, the idle jet must be clean and flowy.


The solution to this problem is to use a pure and suitable octane fuel that is good for your motorcycle. If you have been using an impure fuel, then there is no need to worry about it. Just get your motorcycle carburetor tuned and cleaned. Make sure to clean your carburetor jets properly to get the fuel flowing properly.

Air-fuel ratio

The fire is ignited in the engine with the help of air and fuel. Both air and fuel are mixed up in the combustion area, and the mechanical energy is produced. The air and petrol are injected in the engine with a required amount to give the piston a proper pressure with which the piston moves back and forth.

The air and fuel are mixed inside the carburetor. The carburetor has a fuel and air entering pipes. One of the canals of the carburetor is connected to the petrol tank, and one is connected to the air filter. The air filter is used to filter the air from dust particles. The air filter cleans the air by attaching the dust and other particles that are present in the air to its foam and give a clean and pure air.

This air is mixed with petrol and is sprayed by the carburetor into the engine, where it then burns and produces pressure on the piston. The carburetor gives a suitable ratio of air and fuel. When the specific ratio is not provided to the engine, it does not run properly.

Let us discuss what can be the possible issue with the air-fuel ratio that is killing the engine when the motorcycle stops. The air and fuel mixture are only improper when one of these is low or high in quantity. The air is always kept higher than the petrol in the engine by the carburetor because higher the air higher the mileage of the motorcycle and the pickup.

If greater air than petrol is better, than this does not mean that you are using this measurement in a 4:1 ratio. Because of the petrol is not in the required amount the engine will not work properly. But, if you increase the petrol ratio more than the air, it can also create a misbalance situation in your motorcycle because the motorcycle will consume more fuel than the required. It may also start missing when you give more throttle to it.

All the above scenario is not recommended in any manner. The motorcycle should only be set in its standard air-fuel ratio, neither high nor low. It is one of the most common causes for motorcycle engine to die.


Now that you have understood about the air-fuel ratio, it is better to know what is the required ratio if you are going to tune the mixture of your carburetor. The air is in a large amount when it comes to modern carburetor. The petrol is only sprayed on the piston to create pressure. Hence, 15:1 is the significant amount in which the motorcycle can run smoothly and will not bother you by dying after stopping.

The air-fuel mixture is tuned on the carburetor. Some carburetors have exposed screws for the idle and fuel adjustment. These screws can be adjusted by the help of a manual that your motorcycle manufacturer provides.

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