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Why is My ATV Leaking Antifreeze?

Why is My ATV Leaking Antifreeze?

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is quite an old invention, but it has gained its popularity in the late 20th century. It owes its reputation to its ability of perfectly climbing and traveling on terrains on which no ordinary vehicle can even dream of running.

ATV is not explicitly made for the usual conditions. In such circumstances, the bike is getting exposed to abnormal conditions, and so you have to take extra care of your vehicle. This care starts from the engine of the ATV, whose protection is done by antifreeze.

Three main reasons that can result in ATV leaking antifreeze:

  • Blown Head gasket
  • Leaking radiator
  • Engine block leak

Antifreeze leaking can pose severe threats to the working of your ATV. And if you are one of the ATV owners whose ATV antifreeze is leaking, this article is a must for you.

Before going into the troubleshooting process of ATV antifreeze leaking, you need to know little about the specificity and nature of antifreeze. It will help you a lot in assessing the whole scenario more precisely.

Antifreeze is a chemical that lowers the freezing point and raise the boiling point of the liquid circulating the engine of your ATV. Antifreeze thus keeps that liquid from freezing during low temperatures or evaporate during high temperatures. It is mostly ethylene glycol. It also acts as a source of lubrication for the engine parts.

So, in short, you can say that antifreeze is not only assuring the optimal working of your ATV but also protecting the ATV.

Why is My ATV Leaking Antifreeze?

It is right that antifreeze is protecting my ATV but why on earth it is leaking? Are not you getting this question in your mind? The answer is obviously yes. Do not worry, pal. We got you covered.

In this article, our editors have explained common causes that can result in your ATV leaking antifreeze. Let us go through some of the common reasons for leaking antifreeze of your ATV,

Blown head gasket

Yes, you got it right. It is the most common reason for the leaking of antifreeze from ATV.

The head gasket is a part of ATV lying between the engine block and cylinder head. So it seals the combustion chamber of your ATV, helping the engine to maintain proper compression. The sealing combustion chamber prevents any entry of antifreeze into the combustion chamber.

Indications of blown head gasket

You might be wondering that how will you identify that the head gasket of your ATV has blown. Well, that is simple. Whenever the head gasket of your ATV explodes, your ATV will give you some indications. Look closely for these indications.

Firstly, you may notice white smoke coming out of the exhaust of ATV. The head gasket was preventing the entry of antifreeze in the combustion chamber. A blown head gasket will allow antifreeze to enter the combustion chamber of ATV. The heat will further evaporate this antifreeze in the combustion chamber. These vapors of antifreeze will get mix with the usual exhaust/smoke of the ATV.

These vapors will of white color, and another indication will be their sweet smell. Larger the leak of antifreeze, more white smoke will be produced.

Secondly, In case of blown head gasket, you might notice bubbling in your radiator. Blown head gasket allows the exhaust gases of TV to get mix with antifreeze; this will produce bubbling in the reservoir of antifreeze. It might look like that antifreeze is boiling, but actually, the exhaust gases present in antifreeze will be responsible for it. As you might have noticed, the bubbling in your soft drink due to the presence of carbon dioxide in it.

Even if bubbling is not visible to you, you can apply one of the engines blocking tester to check for any presence of exhaust gases in the antifreeze of ATV.

Thirdly, you can identify a blown head gasket with an indication of the overheating of the engine of your ATV. Antifreeze was maintaining the temperature of the liquid flowing around the engine. Any leakage of it because of this will cause more heating of the engine.

You will notice an abnormally high heated engine after regular travels. It can further be led to severe consequences. Heat causes expansion. More heat more the expansion, more the expansion, more the wear and tear of the engine components.

So, if you notice any of these symptoms, be alerted you have head gasket of your ATV blown. You should try fixing it to stop the leaking of antifreeze.

Consequences of blown head gasket:

Having antifreeze leak is the most apparent consequence of the blown head gasket in ATV. This leakage can be external or internal. External leakage will be out of the engine, and internal leakage will be into the combustion chamber.

Besides, this, it can even cause the failure of your engine. It may cause permanent damage to the engine of your ATV. Also, if the engine does not fail, its performance will drop to an alarming level.

Fix Blown Head gasket

This may be causing the antifreeze leakage in your ATV. You are much disturbed by this condition. Do not worry; we are here to devise some solution to this devastating condition.

Firstly, you have to look for the amount of damage done to the head gasket of your ATV. To estimate it, you can imply a simple test. If your ATV can run for about fifteen to twenty minutes without causing overheating in the engine, then it means that the head gasket is not damaged severely.

In this case, you can use any of the market available head gasket repair solutions. These are usually chemical repair products.

You have to pour that repairing liquid into the coolant system of your ATV. They will reach the damaged area and automatically seal it. You may also not need removing the pre-existing antifreeze from your ATV. This is essential to fix leaking antifreeze in an ATV.

However, you have to consider some precautions before doing it. Do it in a well-ventilated area. It will keep the fumes of that product to cause any harm to you.

You may find that the engine of your ATV gets overheated in less than fifteen minutes of driving. It is a dangerous condition. Sorry pal in this condition, you cannot merely rely on the chemical repair products.

In such a severe condition, it is recommended to install a new head gasket in your ATV. Otherwise, you may lose your engine too. Do not worry. It will be not too heavy in your pocket. After all, it is much cheaper than installing a brand new engine in your ATV.

So, you can use the solutions mentioned earlier to stop the antifreeze leak of your ATV. But be cautious that both of these are interrelated. This can cause antifreeze leak in ATV. Similarly, antifreeze leak or presence of less than required antifreeze can lead to head gasket blowing because of engine overheating.

Leaking Radiator can cause antifreeze leaking

This is the second most common reason for leaking antifreeze in ATV.

The radiator is an essential component of the cooling system of ATV. It circulates the cooling liquid around the engine so that the engine does not get overheated. However, a leaking radiator can leak antifreeze to an alarming level.

Indications of leaking radiator:

The drops of antifreeze that you found might be sprayed off by fan or while running down the fins. Are not you finding it difficult to spot that either you have a leaking radiator or not? Do not take tension; we can give you some tips for checking the leaking radiator.

You can start from the radiator cap. The radiator cap is on the top of the radiator. It maintains the pressure in the radiator. If it is broken, it will reduce the stress, and antifreeze will come out. You can identify a loose radiator cap by visual and physical inspection of the cap.

You can also imply a simple test. Park your ATV. After some time, examine underneath it. If you find a greenish or slightly different tinge liquid, it means that your antifreeze is leaking from the radiator. Clean that liquid and move on towards the solution part.

Leaking antifreeze from the radiator can cause corrosion or rust on the radiator over time. So you should look for the condition of the radiator of your ATV.

The problem is that you may find your radiator in filthy conditions. So it will be almost impossible to spot an antifreeze leak or any sign of rust. So, you better take some warm water and a clean cloth. Carefully scrub the surface of the radiator. After some time, look for any new spots. These spots will indicate an antifreeze leak from the radiator of your ATV.

You should also examine the hoses of the radiator of your ATV. These hoses get damaged over time. The damaged tubes will cause the antifreeze to leak from them. It is best to keep o checking these hoses from time to time.

Some other general indications might also point towards the leaking antifreeze from the leaking radiator. You may find that your engine is overheating. The radiator was keeping the engine coo. Any leak of antifreeze from it will periodically decrease the level of antifreeze. It will lead to the overheating of the engine.

So, now you have confirmed that the radiator was the main culprit behind the antifreeze leak, now it is time to find the amount of damage it can cause to your ATV.

Consequences of leaking radiator in ATV

A leaking radiator can be very damaging to the ATV and can result in leakage of antifreeze. The radiator is the main component of the engine cooling system. Any leak in it will lead to two main problems,

Firstly, you will keep on losing your antifreeze. You have to fill it again and again.

Secondly, due to the leaking of antifreeze, the cooling capacity of the radiator will keep on decreasing. It will lead to overheating of the engine of ATV; this will further cause permanent damage to the engine. It can lead to a complete replacement of the engine.

It is recommended not to drive your ATV with a leaking radiator before fixing it.

Fix ATV leaking radiator

You can have multiple solutions to the leaking radiator, depending on the particular situation. Before applying any solution, you must evaluate the material of the part of the radiator, which is damaged. Either it is made of metal, aluminum, plastic, or any other stuff.

If you find that there is comparatively a small hole to the radiator, then you can use any of the market available radiator leak chemical repair. They have kind of microfibers in them. You will mix this solution in the cooling liquid. When it reaches the damaged portion of the radiator, it will automatically fill it.

Another option could be the welding of the metal part of the radiator, which is damaged. You should pull the radiator out of your ATV before welding it. Also, look carefully for the internal components of it. If not done correctly, you may have to imply the below-discussed solution.

Here is the permanent and most reliable solution to the radiator leak. Go and buy your ATV, a new radiator.

Engine block leak

If you find your radiator and head gasket of ATV perfectly fine, then you should expect a crack in the engine block of ATV and this can result in ATV leaking antifreeze.

There can be different indications of the crack in the block engine. You can find the oil of the ATV slightly whitish or brownish due to the mixing of antifreeze in it. The break could be inside the cylinder too.

This situation is a terrible situation that can cause leakage of antifreeze. This type of crack in your block engine and then the contamination of antifreeze in it can lead to corrosion and rusting of the engine. Then you have to replace it with a new one.

There could be some solutions to the cracked engine block. Firstly, you may use any of the available chemical repair products in the market. They can be useful if the crack is not significant.

Secondly, you may weld the affected part. But it can be hazardous. As the iron used in the engine is of a slightly different kind. Any welding can cause damage to the surrounding material and lead to total engine failure.

Thirdly, if you have some money, then you may find a permanent solution to this devastating problem, total replacement of the engine. You can also buy some good condition second-hand engines for your ATV. This is among the best methods to fix leaking antifreeze in an ATV.

So we hope that you have identified the main culprit behind the antifreeze leak of your vehicle. We again recommend you to timely sort out the problems before it is too late. Have an adventurous all-terrain ride.

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