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Why is My Front Motorcycle Tire Cupping?

Why is My Front Motorcycle Tire Cupping?

Motorcycle tires have a significant role in riding. Tires are very important for your motorcycle. Motorcycle tires must be in good condition to avoid any mishap. The tires are connected to the rims of the motorcycle, and the rims are then connected to the spinning bearing with the help of an axle.

The motorcycle mechanism spins the wheel, and these wheels are responsible for moving freely on the road. But when they cannot create a specific amount of friction on the road, then they are dangerous. Tires must have a specific amount of friction to move on the road.

The tires have a structured cut on the surface. These patterns on the surface of the tires are responsible for friction and movement. If the tires do not have friction, it can slip during the ride, and it can cause serious mishap when you apply the brake.

Here are the main reasons responsible for front motorcycle tire cupping:

  1. Low-pressure tire
  2. Crocked Rim
  3. Poor quality tire
  4. Bumps on road

You often see many accidents on highways. They do not drive fast and follow all the rules of traffic but still get into serious accidents. Have you ever wondered why does that happen? Have you ever wondered how their motorcycle slips on the way and get the rider into serious mishap?

The tires of the motorcycles are the main reason for these types of accidents. When their motorcycle tires are cupped and cannot create a specific amount of friction, the motorcycles slip on the road and cause serious injuries to the rider. So, it is not recommended to ride your motorcycle when your motorcycle has a cupped tire.

Why is My Front Motorcycle Tire Cupping?

Now, you must be wondering why your motorcycle tires get cupped. What is the main reason behind it? And how can you possibly prevent them from cupping? In this article, our editors have explained main reasons that cause cupping in motorcycle tires along with methods to fix this.

Let us see how these situations affect your motorcycle tire and create cupping.

Low-pressure tire

As tires are a necessary part of your motorcycle, in the same way, tire pressure is an important thing to take care of. Every motorcycle has different specifications related to its tire pressure. Some tires demand 50 psi air pressure while some require 70 psi.

The manufacturer of the motorcycle always recommends the air pressure and you must follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If you follow the instructions of the manufacturer, then your tire will not damage early.

So, what happens when you keep low pressure in the tire? You must have this question in mind right now. The answer is when the tire of your motorcycle has low air pressure, and you are riding on it, then maybe from 10 to 15 psi of pressure difference will not affect more on the tire.

But, when you are riding with a passenger, and the air pressure is low, the tire gets down totally. It is placed on the road differently than the one with balanced air pressure.

All the spikes and curls cannot create friction with the road surface and gets rubbed on the road. In this way, the parts that are continuously in contact with the road gets rubbed more than the one that should be in contact.

The parts of the tire which get rubbed against the road wear down easily and the curls are removed. The curls of the tire play an important role in creating a large amount of friction with the road, which gets removed from the tire.

So, some parts of the tire surface have curls and friction while some have don’t, which is called cupping of the tire, and low air pressure in the tire is one of the main reasons for it.


You should always check the air pressure of the tire. If the tire has low air pressure, then fill the tire with a required amount of air, and then you are good to go. But if you travel with less amount of air pressure in your motorcycle tire, then your motorcycle tire will cup.

Crocked Rim

You know what! First, let us discuss what are crocked rims and how a rim gets crocked. So, a crocked rim is the one whose shape is indirect. The rim which is not properly round is called a crocked rim. So, an improper rim is not good for a tire.

The question is, why is your motorcycle rim crocked? Well, if your motorcycle wheel has alloy rim, then it may have hit smashed any hard place, or any other may have hit it so hard that it got bent. The tire of your motorcycle is tucked on the rim. When your rim is not a straight round one, then your tire suffers from an improper ride on the road.

The improper contact with the road creates the ride irregular on the road. Sometime it may give you a sign by doing bubbles on the road. It may give a sign by swaying when you drive above 50 km/h. They discussed the situation damages the tire and creates cupping in tire because the tire is going improperly on the road.

One more case is that when your wheel has spoked rim. The spoked rim also gets irregular when hit anything hard. But if some of the spokes are broken, that is also a case when your rim gets crocked. In spoked rims, the spokes of the rim need to be adjusted or balanced after an amount of time.

When the spokes are not adjusted properly, the rim shape is not a perfectly round one. Even when some of the spokes are broken, then the rim is forced inwards, and the tire damages when it moves on the road. These are some factors of the rim that disturb the alignment of the rim and make it crocked.


It is recommended that you must get your front rim checked by the mechanic if it is crocked or not. If it is an alloy rim, get it straightened by the mechanic. If it is a spoked rim, then get your rim a complete set of spokes, if missing. Get the spokes adjusted to the required adjustment. By doing so, you can fix cupping in motorcyces tires. 

Poor quality tire

Motorcycle tires come in different qualities. When a specific motorcycle is used by most of the population, then many vendors start manufacturing the spare parts of that model and type. So, to compete in the market, they try to sell the spare parts at a lower price than the other manufacturers.

To sale an item at a lower cost they have to make sure the competition does not lower their profit. So, they start manufacturing low-quality spare parts to achieve a low manufacturing cost. In this way, they start getting profit from even a low-priced item.

We are not saying that every manufacturer does this type of stunt, but you should check the item for its quality before buying it. Some items were worth the price. Do not buy a low-quality tire because it cups sooner than those with high quality. The tires that are low quality often get pressed a little early stage when you ride for longer duration.

When the curls are not good in quality, then they eventually get damaged and sometimes break rubber. This process is also responsible for creating cupping in motorcycle tires. You may not know that the motorcycle front and back tires are always different from each other. All motorcycles are different than each other with significance.

A simple manner identifies the qualities of motorcycle tires. When a manufacturer makes a tire with low manufacturing cost, he will try to give a unique wrapping, to attract the customer. Do not fall into those tricks.

Peel off the wrapping and press the tire by holding it in your hand. See, if you think that the curls are not that hard that they will break. Curls should neither be too hard not too soft. They must be strong to provide you enough friction.

That is how you check a tire for cupping. Some manufacturers sell by indicating them with more friction, check those tires also if they are good for you. The purpose of explaining all this is to make sure that you always check the quality before buying it for your motorcycle.


Always check the quality before buying it and buy a suitable tire for your ride to avoid cupping. Some tires are specially designed for different types of routes, try to buy the one that is specialized for your routine. When you buy a good quality product, you will not end up cupping your front tire. You will have a longer life for your tire, and your money will not waste.

Bumps on roads

Whenever you go to the countryside, you always experience bumps and incomplete roads. Sometimes you have to go through an irregular road to reach your destination. But when you are riding a motorcycle, you do not notice such things because you are on your motorcycle. If your motorcycle has a nice suspension, which saves you from bumps or cuts through the road.

When your motorcycle is running on a smooth road, your tires will be fine. But when you are going through a rough and damaged road with a lot of bumps and cuts, you will end up damaging your motorcycle tire. Simple motorcycle tires are not good for irregular roads; they wear down and creates cupping on your motorcycle tires.

Now, you must be wondering to find out when your tire can get cupped? The answer to this question is that the roads where heavy transport vehicles move are the most common roads that get affected. These roads get bumps due to so much weight, and sometimes they have those thin lines graved on them.

When you ride on these types of roads, your motorcycle tire can sometimes get unbalanced due to irregular surfaces. At that time, you can feel that your motorcycle is slipping on the road, and you have to balance it. When this is happening, your motorcycle tire is continuously wearing down. The motorcycle tire is getting rubbed with the road. Those parts of the surface of the tires are getting cupped.

That is how your motorcycle tire gets cupped when you are on an irregular road. The curls are rubbed and wasted when they are slipped. If you look carefully, you may see the signs on your tire and know about what we are talking about here.


Now, what can you do to avoid motorcycles tire cupping? You can always select a more appropriate road that do not have bumps or clingy surface. If you are not able to select, then you must buy those tires which are good for rough paths like these.

Get off-road motorcycle tires if you are always riding in the countryside or filthy roads. 

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