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Why is My Motorcycle Blowing White Smoke?

Why is My Motorcycle Blowing White Smoke?

Motorcycles are tricky in many ways. Sometimes it makes noises, and sometimes it won’t start. New models of motorcycles do not bother you like the old ones. But when the old ones get too old, they start to disappoint you with their performance.

You cannot just buy a new motorcycle if your motorcycle becomes faulty. There are solutions to the problems that you are facing with your motorcycle.

Some problems are tricky and unable to understand by regular people and are solved by the professionals. Some are so easy to handle that with a little amount of knowledge; you can solve it by yourself.

If your motorcycle is blowing white smoke, check for:

  1. Damaged Piston
  2. Impure fuel
  3. Extra engine oil
  4. There can be leakage in the valve stem seals.
  5. There can be leakage from the rings of the piston, even when the piston is fine, but rings get damaged.
  6. There can be engine oil leakage towards the cylinder.

We will always recommend you to go to a motorcycle technician if you do not know anything about motorcycles because you may damage your motorcycle. We also say it is better to know more and more about your property rather than depending only on what a technician says to you because some are cons.

It is better to identify the problem by yourself first and then ask the professional mechanic about the solution. If you take an interest in your motorcycle, then the cons can never thug you. So, information can be a good thing to get. Especially when it is about the matter of your ride.

Why is My Motorcycle Blowing White Smoke?

In this article, our editors have explained common problems that result in white smoke and also proven methods to fix this in your motorcycle.

Motorcycle blows two types of smoke, black and white. The reasons for both types of smoke are different. We will discuss some main reasons for white smoke and some precautions and solutions for that. These reasons will help you to know why your motorcycle blows white smoke and what can you do about it.

Let us discuss these reasons in a comprehensive way and see what can you do about it.

Damaged Piston can result in white smoke from motorcycle

Being a motorcycle rider, you must know about the engine mechanism of your motorcycle. How your motorcycle creates so much force that it carries you and itself fast during your ride.

You must know how petrol creates a large amount of force in the engine and how it gives the motorcycle a perfect push. So, let us discuss the mechanism of the engine of the motorcycle and then discuss the problem that we have.

The motorcycle of the engine works in such a way that it has Piston, Ring, connecting rod as its main components to create force and pressure. The petrol is injected in the cylinder of the engine, where the spark plug ignites it.

When the flame is generated in the cylinder if the engine, the piston moves because of the pressure and is moved back by the connecting rod.

In this way, all the parts are moved by the help of the force that is generated by the piston and is transferred by the help of a connecting rod of the piston. The whole engine contains mobile oil in it, which helps the parts of the engine to move frictionless and hit each other without damaging them.

So, there is always a specific amount of Mobile oil in the engine that keeps the engine running without any friction. When the engine is running, that means the piston is working. The air that is combusted and the pressure generated by the cylinder is taken out by a hole. This hole connects to the silencer of the motorcycle having a catalytic converter.

All the above is the basic detail to let you understand the phenomenon of your motorcycle engine. So, why does your motorcycle blow white smoke? The reason is simple. When the piston of your motorcycle is running, it is tight to the walls of the cylinder to create air pressure. But the engine oil is always present to avoid friction when the piston is sliding against the wall of the cylinder.

Usually, when the motorcycle has traveled more than fifty thousand kilometers, the piston gets weaker and eventually gets smaller in from the sides where it slides in the cylinder. As there is engine oil between the piston and the walls of the cylinder, the piston gets smaller, and the engine oil travels to the surface of the piston.

Petrol is always burning at the surface of the piston when the engine is running. So, the engine oil gets mixed with the petrol and burns. When the engine oil burns, it generates white smoke, which then gets out of the silencer of the motorcycle. In this way, the motorcycle blows white smoke continuously when it is running.

Fix the problem of white smoke from motorcycle:

To solve this problem of motorcycle blowing white smoke, you must consult a specialized mechanic for your motorcycle. The mechanic will open up your motorcycle engine and replace the piston and do all the necessary things to repair the damage.

After that, you will have your motorcycle engine in much better condition, and your motorcycle will stop blowing white smoke.

Impure fuel

Petrol is necessary for a motorcycle to run. Without petrol, the motorcycle is like a human without air. Motorcycle cannot run without petrol. But there is a very important thing you need to know about petrol or gasoline.

The gasoline or petrol comes in three types of rating; The regular, the midgrade and the premium petrol. These three types are differentiated based on octane in gasoline or petrol. When the octane rate in petrol is 87, it is called the regular petrol. When the octane rate for petrol is 88 to 90, then it is called midgrade petrol. And when it is 91 to 94, it is called the premium petrol.

The octane of the petrol is the quality of the petrol. The higher the octane in the fuel, the more is the quality of fuel. Many people are unaware of what type of gasoline is better for their motorcycle. And because of this reason they always end up pouring unsuitable petrol in the tank, which eventually damages the engine capacity.

But in some places, the sellers sell impure fuel that is less in octane, even less than 87 rating, which is called impure fuel. It contains dust particles and is not clean enough for the motorcycle engine to burn it properly which causes the engine to blow white smoke.

This type of fuel is cheap for the seller, that is why the seller sell it in greed for greater profit.

You must avoid this type of petrol for your motorcycle because it sometimes damages the head cylinder of your motorcycle. There can be one more reason for your impure fuel that you may not know.

When you have used your motorcycle for a long time, the parts get rusty and wear down with time. The motorcycle fuel tank is made of iron. The fuel tank can also get rusty and create particles that can damage the quality of petrol.

The cap of the fuel tank can become leaky to allow dust particles into the tank, which are dangerous for the petrol. Impure fuel always damages the engine. So, if you are aware of anything like that, you must take precautionary measures to avoid this thing.

The motorcycle carburetor also needs to clean after 1500 km of ride because fuel makes it dirty, and the flow of petrol is harder. If your motorcycle is not tuned every month or every 1500 km, then your motorcycle will start to disturb your routine and will get damaged.

So, let us see what can you do to avoid fuel problems and stop your motorcycle to blow white smoke.


There are two ways to fix this motorcycle that is blowing white smoke. First of all, you must check the user manual of your motorcycle to see what type of petrol is recommended by the manufacturer and what type of petrol is supported. Then select an appropriate petrol type and use it on your motorcycle.

Secondly, you must get your motorcycle tank checked by a professional if there is dirt inside that is mixing with petrol and making it impure. Thirdly, get your motorcycle carburetor cleaned by a professional. Both of these methods are proven to fix motorcycles that are blowing white smoke.

Extra engine oil

As we have discussed above that our motorcycle requires engine oil or mobile oil in for its engine to function properly. The oil is used to reduce friction in all parts of the engine and especially between the piston and the walls of the cylinder. Every motorcycle requires a different amount of motorcycle oil for its engine.

Some motorcycles would require 0.7-liter oil, and some would require 1-liter. The motorcycle oil is available in the market with every type of volume so that you do not need to measure it to save your time. So, if your motorcycle requires a 1-liter of motorcycle oil, then you should buy 1-liter oil cane.

Sometimes, when you are replacing the engine oil of your motorcycle, you may not have a measured amount of engine oil, and you pour it in the engine without knowledge. You may add extra engine oil, or you may end up with insufficient engine oil. Insufficient oil will always damage your motorcycle, whereas extra oil is also not good for your motorcycle.

When there is an extra amount of oil in your motorcycle, then it tries to come out from any direction of the engine wherever it finds any hole. If your engine is tightly packed, and there is no chance for the oil to come out, then it goes above the surface of the piston from its sides when it is sliding.

As we have discussed before, when the engine oil is at the surface of the piston, and the fire is burning, it burns the engine oil as well and blow white smoke. Now the question is, what is the main reason for the extra engine oil when you have poured the exact quantity that was required by your motorcycle?

The reason is that when you are replacing the used engine oil of your motorcycle with the newer ones, you are taking the used oil out from your motorcycle. But, when you are in a hurry, and you expect that you have completely taken out all the engine oil and pour the new engine oil, you make a mistake.

You leave some amount of the motorcycle engine oil in the engine while you are in a hurry. It can be a few milliliters, but still, it counts.

And when you pour the exact amount of engine oil in your motorcycle, you exceed the limit of engine oil because there is already an amount of motorcycle engine oil in the motorcycle.

Let us see what the solution to this problem is.


To solve this problem when motorcycle is blowing white smoke, you should always let the engine oil completely drain out of the engine of your motorcycle. You should always wait for a while to see if it has stopped coming out of your motorcycle.

If it has stopped draining, you should bend your motorcycle at 45-degrees towards left and right to see how it starts to come out again. When you have the right position, try to do it every 2 minutes, and you will see more engine oil coming out of the engine. This will fix the motorcycle that is blowing white smoke.

Final words:

The most important thing to keep in mind is that whenever your motorcycle blows white smoke, it is only when it is burning your engine oil, or your petrol is impure.

So, always get your motorcycle checked for both reasons by a professional to see from where the engine oil is getting inside the cylinder of the engine.

If you take care of your ride, your ride will never disappoint you.

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