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Why is My Motorcycle Chain Making Noise?

Why is My Motorcycle Chain Making Noise?

Motorcycles can be tricky to manage sometimes. These types of vehicles need real professionals for their maintenance. But some problems can be fixed by a piece of knowledge and common sense. So we are here to explain best and proven methods to fix noise from the motorcycle chain.

If there is a minor malfunction in your motorcycle chain and you can do it on your own with the help of a set of regular tools, then why go to a mechanic.

Follow are the reasons responsible for noise in the motorcycle chain:

  1. Insufficient lubricant
  2. Worn out chain sprocket set
  3. Defective chain lock
  4. Loose chain

Bike chains are a real deal to the motorcycles. Without the chain, the motorcycle cannot function. Chain helps the motorcycle tire to roll on the road, which gives us the correct importance of chains in bikes. So, sometimes they need extra care otherwise, they create issues with our bike.

Why is my Motorcycle Chain Making Noise?

We have some real-time issues of motorcycle chain and their solutions for you, which will help you in your daily life with your bike and will help you save dollars. The bike chain always makes noises that are annoying to deal with while riding. So, without wasting any more time, lets us see what we have got for you.

Let us explain the reasons for these malfunctions and how you can fix it.

Insufficient lubricant:

Motorcycle Chains are very noisy when they are not well-maintained. They require more attention than other parts of the bike. When the bikes are subjected to a lot of dust and vaporized environments, the chains get rusty, and their lubricant gets hard. This is one of the most common causes that are responsible for making noise in the motorcycle chain.

The chain is always running when we are riding a bike. So, when the grease oil is hard, the chain and sprockets forces this hard grease to remove from the chain. This process will remove the hardened grease, and the motorcycle chain will get more friction with the sprocket.

When the friction between the chain and the sprocket is greater, the noise and the wornness of the chain sprocket set is increased. So, when there is more friction between the chain and the sprocket, the sprocket set will worn out earlier than it should. So the motorcycle chain should never be left like this because they play the most important role in the mechanism of bike.


Tools required:
Slotted Screwdriver, Mobile Oil or Grease, Petrol, Brush, relevant plier.

The solution to this problem is that the chain of the bike should always be lubricated with Mobile oil or grease. To do this, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the chain cover, if any, with the help of a plier

Step 2: Clean the Chain Sprocket set with the help of petrol and brush.

Step 3: Apply grease or Mobile Oil on the chain and sprocket teeth. While applying the oil or grease, continue to roll the wheel and apply the lubricant accordingly.

Step 4: When the chain and sprocket are completely lubricated, Close the chain cover with the help of a plier.

You are good to go on a nice ride. and your motorcycle chain will not make noise.

If you think that you cannot do it correctly, then you must consult a mechanic for your ride.

Worn out chain sprocket set

Chain sprockets are just like other parts of the bike, but they are more important. When the chain sprocket sets are not replaced for a long time than the set worn out. For example, a city motorcycle genuine chain sprocket set is capable of traveling more than 15000 km.

When the Motorcycle has reached the limit of the chain sprocket set, then the chain creates awful noises. Sometimes it feels like the chain is getting slipped from the sprocket when you give throttle. There is a specific procedure to check if it has exceeded its limit of life cycle.

If you want to check the chain of motorcycle, open the chain cover, if any. Look at the teeth of the chain sprocket closely. If the teeth have become so sharp that they will cut your finger if you touch them, then immediately replace them before they break the motorcycle chain. Any accident can occur when the chain of the bike breaks during riding.

There can be one more possibility for a chain set to be faulty and the motorcycle chain is making noise. If the sprocket teeth of the chain are fine and have not become sharp edges, then you should check the chain. Sometimes the chain can be damaged earlier than the sprockets. To check the motorcycle chain, hold two of its locks and apply a little amount of force in the opposite direction to see if they have created a gap between them.

If you do not understand anything in our explanation and you think that you should get your bike to a specialist, then we strongly recommend you to do so. If you only want to find out the problem on your bike, then it will be a good thing to see as we brief.


If the teeth of the chain have become very sharp, then take your bike to a mechanic and get the sprocket set replaced with a new one. If your sprockets are fine but the chain is damaged, and you think that the new chain can help your bike run smoothly, then only get the chain replaced with a new one.

Defective chain lock

Bike chain play tricks with us. The reasons for their noise are more than one, and because of this, we have to find the problem and go for the required solution properly. As a matter of fact, humans make mistakes. We can be wrong with our findings, but once we are sure of the problem. We can fix the problem with whatever we can.

Good bikers are those who keep their bike well-maintained and in good condition. For a bike to be in good condition must have a good set of motorcycle chain. But sometimes a greater amount of throttle in smaller gears can create a jerk for the chains to break or damage the locks.

The lock-in a bike chain keeps the chain intact. But if the lock gets loose enough that it creates a gap in its connection, then the lock gets damaged and create noises like “Tik Tik” continuously after a small interval. If you are a regular rider, then you may have experienced this type of noise anytime during your ride.

If you want to check that the lock is damaged or not, then you must open the chain cover, if any, and then search for the lock. The lock is somewhat different from the whole chain, and you will identify it if you look carefully. When you have identified the lock of the chain then move to the next step.


Tools required:

Get a new Plier, New chain lock for to fix the noise in motorcycle chain.

Step 1: To get rid of Tik Tik noise from motorcycle chain, you must take the lock off from the chain with the help of a plier.

Step 2: Take a new chain lock relevant to the bike and add it to the chain the same way as you were removing it.

Step 3: close up the chain cover and lubricate then chain if it is dry.

You are good to go!

Loose chain

Bike chains work in such a way that they are running with the chain sprocket all the time. These sprockets are run by the chain, and the gear runs the chain. While going through the same procedure continuously, when the metals rub each other for a long time, they have worn off each other. If you notice noise in the motorcycle chain, this can be the sole reason.

The chain and sprocket wear off each other and create a gap between them. This gap loosens the chain, which makes the middle part of the chain to hang while it is idle. When the chain is not idle, the chain runs on the sprocket, but due to so much gap, the chain starts to hit in its surroundings.

Whenever the chain hits its surroundings, it creates a sound. This is the reason that your motorcycle chain is making noise. This sound is annoying as well as dangerous for the chain of your bike. It may damage the chain, or it may completely break the chain. Loose chains are very annoying.

Loose chains can also throw its lubricant everywhere, and it is better to tighten them for better performance of your motorcycle chain. Loose chains can damage your motorcycle and even make noise.

So, all these reasons for the noise of bike chains are the real-time reasons which can be overcome by following the solutions that we have presented. You must always have a small toolkit with you whenever you are riding. By carrying the toolkit will allow you to repair your bike for minor issues during your trip.

Also, always keep your bike chain tighten to its required fitting, no more no less. If you exceed the limit of tightness, or you keep the chain loose, both will ultimately ruin the chain and sprockets of your bike. So, take good care of your bike because it deserves it.

Our main goal is to help our readers to prevent daily mistakes that they make while riding a bike. And by providing with the best of our knowledge, we hope the information will help you a lot. Stay Safe and happy riding.

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